JEOL USA Press Releases

JEOL USA Press Releases


JEOL USA Press Releases

(Peabody, Mass. June 7, 2013) -- JEOL USA, Inc. (Peabody, MA) has concluded an OEM agreement with Zoex Corporation (Houston, TX) to offer the Zoex comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography (GC x GC) technology with the new JEOL AccuTOF GCV 4G high-resolution time-of-flight mass spectrometer system. 

“We are very excited about the partnership with Zoex. The combination of comprehensive two-dimensional GC with high-resolution, high-sensitivity mass spectrometry is a very powerful platform for the analysis of complex mixtures” says Robert B. Cody, Product Manager for Mass Spectrometry at JEOL USA, Inc. 

The AccuTOF GCV 4G’s unique capability to easily switch between electron ionization (EI) and field ionization (FI) mode combines the power of database searching in EI mode with unambiguous molecular weight information in FI mode. Unlike chemical ionization (CI), field ionization does not require a reagent gas and FI mass spectra are very simple, consisting of molecular ions with little or no fragmentation. Accurate mass measurements can be carried out in either EI or FI mode, or with the optional CI ion source. The AccuTOF GCV 4G is the only mass spectrometer system that offers GC x GC with all three ionization modes: EI, FI, and CI to produce high-resolution accurate-mass spectra.

The combination of Zoex Corporation’s proven thermal modulation technology and GC Image software with the JEOL AccuTOF GCV 4G offers unparalleled analytical performance for complex mixture analysis.

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JEOL is a world leader in electron optical equipment and instrumentation for high-end scientific and industrial research and development. Core product groups include electron microscopes (SEMs and TEMs), instruments for the semiconductor industry (electron beam lithography and a series of defect review and inspection tools), and analytical instruments including mass spectrometers, NMRs and ESRs.

JEOL USA, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of JEOL, Ltd., Japan, was incorporated in the United States in 1962. The company has 13 regional service centers that offer unlimited emergency service and support in the U.S. 

For more information about JEOL USA, Inc. or any JEOL products, visit, or call 978-535-5900.

Zoex Corporation 

Zoex Corporation, based in Houston, Texas, USA has driven the commercial development of GC x GC (Comprehensive Two-dimensional Gas Chromatography) from its earliest days in the laboratory of its inventor, the late Professor John B. Phillips, to the present. Comprehensive two dimensional GC is a powerful separation technique that employs unique hardware to concentrate and focus the effluent from a capillary GC column for introduction onto a second capillary column. In GC x GC, the peak capacities of two columns multiply, resulting in enormous resolving power. Zoex supplies Thermal Modulators together with the industry standard GC Image Software for data processing, Zoex continues with its history of supporting the analysis of most complex and demanding gas chromatographic problems.

Today Zoex GC x GC systems are installed throughout the world, and are employed in such applications as petroleum, flavors and fragrances, environmental, forensics, and metabolomics. 


Telephone: USA +1 (281) 484 2828, TOLL (866) 904 2942 and Europe +31 (0) 40 257 3972.

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