JEOL USA Press Releases

JEOL USA Press Releases


JEOL USA Press Releases

New JEOL FE Analytical SEM for HV and LV Operation

March 12, 2007, Peabody, MA — A new thermal field emission analytical SEM from JEOL, the JSM-7001F, acquires high resolution micrographs at up to 1,000,000X for applications ranging from semiconductor, metals, minerals, materials, and ceramics, to non-conductive biological samples.

The JSM-7001F features a unique in lens field emission gun that delivers more than 200 nA of beam current to the sample. An extremely small probe diameter at low kV and high current is optimal for characterization of nanostructures with a resolution of 1.2nm at 30kV. The JSM-7001F is ideal for low accelerating voltage X-ray spectroscopy and crystallography at and below the 100nm scale.

The large specimen chamber – designed for samples up to 200mm in diameter – accommodates a wide variety of detectors simultaneously. These include multiple EDS, WDS, EBSD, STEM, BSE, CL, EBIC, and IR camera. The SEM can also be equipped as a dual column FIB or an e-beam lithography tool.

The SEM comes with a choice of three stage sizes and exchange chambers, and a new 5-axis automated stage. The JSM-7001F can be configured for both high vacuum and low vacuum operation.

A new Windows XP based computer interface allows for unprecedented ease of operation and image analysis. Users can choose to display up to four live images on the screen, as well as live signal mixing.

The performance and stability of this new high resolution SEM enables up to 1,000,000X magnification.

As with all electron optics products sold at JEOL USA, four days of training at the JEOL Institute in Peabody, Mass. are included in the purchase of the JSM-7001F, allowing the new user to optimize performance of this instrument for their applications. JEOL USA offers award-winning service and applications support for all of its products.

JEOL is the world leader in electron optical tools for nanotechnology. As the world’s largest manufacturer of electron optical products, JEOL provides unique capabilities and the world’s highest resolution instrumentation, including SEM, STEM, and TEM. JEOL USA offers 11 models of SEMs including tungsten, LaB6, low vacuum, and field emission instruments.

For further informnation, please visit the JSM-7001F product information page.

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