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JEOL USA Press Releases


JEOL USA Press Releases

JEOL JMS-TQ4000GC Triple Quad GC-MS/MS system

(Peabody, Mass. And Irvine, Calif. November 19, 2020) JEOL USA, a leading supplier of mass spectrometers, electron microscopes, and NMR spectrometers, began collaborating with Think20 Labs this year to provide improved and more precise analytical techniques to the Cannabis testing market. Think20 Labs is a start-up company based in California that is licensed by the California Bureau of Cannabis Control to test cannabis, hemp, and cannabis-related consumer products for regulatory requirements. Think20 Lab’s stated goal is “bringing consistency and integrity to analytical testing.” Inconsistencies in the current state of the cannabis analytical testing have created regulatory challenges for industry leaders and consumers.

Think20’s Commercial Operations Manager, Adam Floyd, has been the key to this collaborative effort. “Think20 has entered a strategic partnership with JEOL in order to develop cannabis specific methods for the analysis of trace pesticides and terpenes in cannabis products. We are extremely excited to showcase the capabilities of the TQ-4000 mass spectrometer,” he said. He presented “The Use of Dispersive Solid Phase Extraction in the Analysis of Pesticides in Cannabis Matrix” at the LabRoots Analytical Chemistry & Separation Sciences 2020 conference in October. Floyd presented data from the JEOL JMS-TQ4000GC Triple Quad GC-MS/MS system which the lab used to analyze pesticides in cannabis flower and oil, and discussed strategies for maximizing pesticide sample throughput in a commercial cannabis laboratory.  

Think20 recently submitted a new methods validation to the California Bureau of Cannabis Control involving the use of the JEOL JMS-TQ4000GC for the analysis of regulated pesticides in cannabis and cannabis products. 

JEOL USA is proud to help Think20 reach their goal “to provide rapid, accurate and compliant testing for innovators in the analytical testing space”.

Think20 is a DEA registered and approved analytical testing lab for Hemp.

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