JXA-8230 SuperProbe Electron Probe Microanalyzer (EPMA)

JXA-8230The JXA-8230, the fifth generation of SuperProbes, is a high resolution, highly stable SEM and a WD/ED Combined Electron Probe Microanalyzer (EPMA) with a new PC-based operating environment for easy data acquisition and analysis.

The combination of up to 5 wavelength dispersive X-ray spectrometers (WDS) and a newly developed energy dispersive X-ray spectrometer (EDS) analyzer featuring spectral imaging assures the most efficient and accurate analysis of data. The WD/ED combined system can simultaneously analyze up to 5 WDS elements and all EDS elements. The backscattered electron image, provided by a highly sensitive solid state detector, the secondary electron image, and optional cathodoluminescence image can all be displayed and viewed at the same time.

The new JXA-8230 WD/ED combined microanalyzer provides for:

  • new large crystal spectrometers for higher detection sensitivity for trace elements and increased count rate without sacrificing energy resolution and P/B ratio
  • new PC automation for easy operation
  • EDS spectral imaging
  • Optional fan free SDD x-ray detectors for high thru-put
  • higher accuracy of quantitative analysis
  • higher resolving power (resolution) for adjacent X-rays
  • higher accuracy of quantitative analysis for light elements

The automated stage can handle samples up to 6” diameter x 2" tall through the airlock, and can reposition a sample to less than 0.5um.

For information about xCLent, a combined X-ray/CL acquisition technique and system to enhance microprobe analysis, see here.

For a bibliography of papers and proceedings published on JEOL EPMA instruments and capabilities, please contact us.

Available Documents

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2/4/2016 2.1 MB
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12/8/2016 928.7 KB
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Electron Flight Simulator - EFS
1/28/2015 637.4 KB
Hyperspectral Mapping - Combining Cathodoluminescence and X-ray Collection in an Electron Microrpobe
5/25/2006 2.8 MB
Image reconstruction software (Image Investigator)
12/8/2016 1.5 MB
L-Value Table
11/10/2009 400.4 KB
Monazite Age Dating
1/30/2017 1.4 MB
Multipurpose Transfer Vessel shuttling between AES and XPS
12/8/2016 1.6 MB
Quantitative oxidation state analysis of transition metals in a lithium-ion battery with high resolution AES
12/8/2016 2.4 MB
Reflection Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy - REELS
12/8/2016 2.2 MB
Sample Holders for JAMP series
12/8/2016 645.0 KB
Spatial Resolution of JAMP-9510F
12/8/2016 1.6 MB
Spectral Analysis Software (Spectra Investigator)
12/8/2016 909.2 KB
Trace Element Analysis of Sulphur in a Japanese Sword - presented at EMAS
8/23/2013 2.5 MB
Trace Element Analysis of Sulphur in a Japanese Sword - presented at M&M 2013
8/23/2013 2.1 MB
What a wonderful tool to detect Li easily
12/8/2016 952.6 KB
xCLent - X-ray and Cathodoluminescence Microanalyser Brochure
5/25/2006 275.3 KB