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IT200 InTouchScope SEM Series
Seamless Navigation, High Throughput SEM

Smart – Flexible – Powerful

The IT200 series are compact, versatile Scanning Electron Microscopes that provide great value with the functionality you’d only expect from high end SEMs.

Smart – The latest innovations for our InTouchScope series SEMs are designed to make SEM accessible to everyone. All the controls are at your fingertips with our intuitive software interface. Seamless navigation across the sample allows you to quickly go from an optical image to high resolution SEM imaging and analysis.

Flexible – Choose a platform that is right for you. We offer high vacuum and low vacuum models with or without our embedded EDS system [JSM-IT200, JSM-IT200A, JSM-IT200LV, JSM-IT200LA].  For analytical capabilities, the SEM is designed for multiple attachments such as: energy dispersive X-ray spectrometer (EDS), electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD), cathodoluminescence detectors (CL), chamberscopes, heating/cooling sub-stages, etc.

Powerful – The IT200 delivers higher throughput than early models, high resolution imaging with unsurpassed low kV performance, a high sensitivity solid state BSE detector is included with LV models, low vacuum SE detector (optional), and powerful software functionality, including automated image montaging, integrated management of image and analysis data, and automated report generation from all data ranging from collected SEM images to elemental analysis results.

Live Analysis

Our analytical series includes JEOL’s fully embedded EDS system which provides real time EDS spectra during image observation. With Live Analysis you can:

  • View EDS spectra in real time as you search for the area of interest.
  • Set analysis points, areas, map positions and line scans from the live image observation screen.
  • Major elements are displayed on the live image observation screen.
  • Set a color-coded alert for user-specified elements of interest.

JSM-IT200 SEM Series Details

  • Zeromag – Simplifies Navigation and enhances throughput.  Providing a seamless transition from an optical (or holder graphic) to SEM image
  • High throughput microanalysis with analytical models with full integration of EDS
  • High resolution with unsurpassed low kV performance
  • High vacuum and low vacuum models for managing any sample type
  • SmileView Lab for integrated management of image and analysis data
  • Auto-function guided operation from sample introduction to automatic image formation.