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JIB-4600F MultiBeam SEM-FIB

JIB-4600F MultiBeam SEM-FIBThe JIB-4600F MultiBeam is the new field emission high performance SEM and micro milling FIB from JEOL. Highly stable probe current and an aperture control lens facilitate high resolution image acquisition. The milling process is simultaneously viewed and analyzed in SEM imaging, effective for inner structure analysis and TEM thin film sample preparation.

  • Incorporates a high resolution FE-SEM for precision cross sectioning.
  • High resolution SEM imaging for real time monitoring of FIB milling.
  • Incorporates an in-lens thermal electron gun capable of stable high speed analysis at a maximum current of 200 nA.
  • Multi port specimen chamber for a complete operation from FIB milling to SEM imaging to analysis by a variety of detectors including EDS and EBSD.
  • Supports simultaneous installation of multiple gases for protective film deposition.
  • High resolution SEM imaging for TEM thin film sample preparation.

JIB-4600F Specifications

[ FIB (Focused Ion Beam) ]

Ion source Ga liquid metal ion source
Accelerating voltage 1 to 30 kV
Magnification 30x (view area search)
100 to 300,000x
Image resolution 5 nm (at 30 kV)
Maximum beam current 30 nA (at 30 kV)
Variable aperture 12 steps, motor drive
Ion beam milling pattern Rectangle, line, spot

[ SEM (Electron Beam) ]

Accelerating voltage 0.2 to 30 kV
Magnification 20 to 1,000,000x
Image resolution 1.2 nm guaranteed (accelerating voltage 30 kV)
3.0 nm guaranteed (accelerating voltage 1 kV)
Maximum beam current 200 nA
Specimen stage Goniometer stage
X: 50 mm; Y: 50 mm; Z: 1.5 to 41 mm; T: -5 to 70°; R: 360°
Vacuum pump 2 SIPs (SEM), 1 SIP (FIB)
1 RP

JIB-4600F Accessories & Installation Requirements


  • EDS (energy dispersive fluorescent X-ray analyzer)
  • EBSD system
  • CLD (cathode luminescence detector)
  • IR-CAM (IR camera for viewing)
  • GIS (gas injection system) x3
  • Specimen pick up system
  • Nano manipulator system
  • PCD (probe current detector)
  • AEM (absorbed current meter)
  • TED (transmission electron detector)
  • BEI (backscattered electron detector)
  • Liquid nitrogen trap
  • Beam blanking device
  • 3D Reconstructin software

Installation Requirements

Power supply Single phase 200 V 10%, 50/60 Hz. 6 kVA
Ground terminal One Type D (100 ohm or less)
Room temperature 20°C±5°C
Humidity 60% or less

* Specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice due to modification.