Documents & Downloads Help (subscriptions)

Documents can be subscribed to, or unsubscribed from. Subscribing to a collection only applies to content in that collection, not it’s subcollections. Therefore, if subscribing in this manner, each collection of interest should be subscribed to. When subscribed, an E-mail notification is sent to you when a document is added (if subscribed to a collection), or a particular document is revised (if subscribed to an individual document). The "My Subscriptions" page will show you all of your subscribed items. Please see below for key features.

  1. By selecting the appropriate checkbox (by individual item, or selecting all items by checking the column-header checkbox)... 
  2. Selected items can then be unsubscribed from by clicking the "Unsubscribe" icon.
  3. Clicking an appropriate box will enable you to subscribe or unsubscribe from documents or collections. If subscribing to a collection, you must specifically subscribe to each collection of interest.

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