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45-nm Gate Length CMOS Technology and Beyond using Steep Halo

45-nm CMOS devices with a steep halo using a high-ramp-rate spike annealing (HRR-SA) are demonstrated with drive currents of 697 and 292 µA/µm for an off current less than 10 nA/µm at 1.2 V. For an off current less than 300 nA/µm, 33-nm pMOSFETs have a high drive current of 403 µA/µm at 1.2 V. In order to fabricate a steeper halo than these MOSFETs, a source/drain extension (SDE) activation using the HRR-SA process was performed after a deep source/drain (S/D) formation. By using this sequence defined as a reverse-order S/D formation, 24-nm nMOSFETs are achieved with a high drive current of 796 µA/µm for an off current less than 300 nA/µm at 1.2 V.

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