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Cu Single Damascene Interconnects with Plasma-polymerized Organic Polymers (k=2.6) for High-speed, 0.1µm CMOS devices

For high-speed CMOS devices, triple-layered Cu single damascene interconnects (SDI) with Cu-via plugs are fabricated in hybrid dielectric films of plasma-polymerized divinylsiloxan benzocyclobuten film (p-BCB: k=2.6) and p-CVD SiO2. No degradation of 0.1µm MOSFETs is observed after the full interconnect integration through MOCVD-Cu filling and pad-scanning, local-CMP for Cu polish. The stacked Cu-pads in the high modulus p-BCB film (19Gpa) withstand sever mechanical impact during Al wire bonding. The 0.08µm CMOS transmitter, which consists of 32:8 pre-multiplexer (MUX), 8B10B encoder, 10:1 MUX and DATA driver, is obtained successfully to generate high-speed serial signals up to 6Gb/s. This fabrication process is a key to obtain the high speed CMOS devices with low-k/Cu interconnects.

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