Donna Guarrera to Support College of Microscopy

Many JEOL users already know Donna Guarrera, who demonstrated SEMs and assisted customers with their SEM applications for more than five years. Donna left JEOL a little more than a year ago to join a startup team managing the operational activities of a new chemistry R&D laboratory consulting business. Recently, she returned to JEOL for a new assignment: to support The College of Microscopy, the education division of the McCrone Group in Westmont, Illinois, and to establish an applications lab there.

Donna's expertise in electron microscopy and her understanding of customer applications "that range from chewing gum to pharmaceuticals" will be applied to helping to teach SEM classes at the college and develop the curriculum for highly specialized training and continuing education. Scientists, crime lab personnel, researchers, educators and technicians from around the world attend The College of Microscopy. Starting this fall, the college will also be partnering with Concordia University, Chicago to offer one of the nation's first degree programs in Applied Microscopy.

"The college places a real emphasis on participative and experiential learning," says Donna. "The McCrone philosophy is practical hands on, applications-oriented training. Students are taught by scientists to use the SEM in exactly the way their employer needs it."

In her new capacity as Assistant Product Manager in the Metrology and Inspection Group at JEOL USA, Donna will divide her time between Peabody, Massachusetts and the College of Microscopy. Her extensive experience as an analytical chemist, as well as her background in technical applications and group training, make her a natural fit to build JEOL USA's partnership at the College of Microscopy.

JEOL and The McCrone Group have enjoyed a close relationship for more than 35 years. As part of a newly announced collaborative effort, JEOL has installed a new JSM-6610LV SEM at the College and will maintain the latest instrumentation capabilities. In addition to regular use as a teaching tool, the new SEM will also be available for demonstrations to prospective customers.

JEOL USA has a strong applications team with years of experience in use of SEMs and TEMs as well as specialties in instrumentation and scientific fields. Through the JEOL Institute, JEOL offers a variety of training courses for customers on site or in the JEOL Peabody office. JEOL applications facilities also include an office in Pleasanton, California.