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JEOL Chemist Receives Prestigious Anachem Award

October 20, 2011 (Peabody, Mass.) -- JEOL USA Mass Spectrometry Product Manager, Dr. Robert (Chip) Cody, has received the prestigious Anachem Award, given by the Association of Analytical Chemistry for his contributions to the development of organic mass spectrometry. The award was presented at the Federation of Analytical Chemical and Spectroscopy Societies (FACSS) meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada, where Dr. Cody gave a plenary lecture entitled Massive Changes: Not just your grandma's mass spectrometer ...

JEOL Produces New Brochure on Instrumentation for Forensic Science

JEOL, renowned for its expertise in the manufacture and applications support of scientific instrumentation for sixty years, has produced a new brochure for 2009 describing electron microscopy and mass spectrometry solutions for forensic science. The brochure includes helpful links to applications notes using Direct Analysis in Real Time (DART) open air mass spectrometry, and links to profiles of real case studies involving the use of JEOL Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEM). Demonstrations at American Academy of Forensic ...

DART™ Analysis of Aspirin: Correcting a Misapprehension

Introduction In a recently published comparison1 of the ambient ionization techniques direct analysis in real time (DART™ 2) and DESI3, it was reported that a protonated molecule was not observed for DART, whereas the protonated molecule could be observed for DESI and DAPCI. This is an incorrect observation, resulting from the use of different experimental conditions for DART than were used for the other two techniques. Mass spectra of aspirin measured on a JEOL AccuTOF-DART™ ...
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