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JEOL USA Press Releases

JEOL USA Press Releases


JEOL USA Press Releases

March 7, 2016 (Pittcon 2016, Atlanta, Georgia) --- JEOL introduces a new benchtop SEM at Pittcon 2016: the JSM-6000Plus, the third generation of the popular NeoScope. The NeoScope delivers fast, high magnification electron microscopy with more functionality than typical benchtop SEMs. The JSM-6000Plus model offers high sensitivity backscatter electron detection with a JEOL BSE detector to detect contrast between areas of the sample with different chemical compositions.

JEOL's benchtop SEM makes it possible to bring basic high resolution imaging and analysis features of a full-sized Scanning Electron Microscope into the lab. It fits into both small spaces and economical budgets, and its simple operation and versatile functions complement the workflow with optical microscopes or larger SEMs. 

JEOL understands that even the smallest microscope needs the flexibility of selectable high and low kV, selectable beam currents, and up to 60,000X magnification to be a valuable resource.

The simplicity of design with touchscreen operation make the NeoScope an ergonomic, easy-to-operate SEM for rapid inspection of electronics, pharmaceuticals, forensic evidence, and a wide variety of materials and organic samples. 

The JEOL NeoScope is the culmination of more than 50 years of expertise in SEM development and is supported by the award-winning service organization at JEOL USA. 

The NeoScope is available exclusively from Nikon Metrology, Inc., a leading supplier of optical microscopes, through a business alliance between JEOL and Nikon.

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