JEOL USA Press Releases

JEOL USA Press Releases


JEOL USA Press Releases

JBX-6300FSPeabody, Mass., May 19, 2006 -- JEOL, the leading manufacturer of e-beam lithography tools since 1967, announces the introduction of a new high precision direct write e-beam lithography system. The new JBX-6300FS is a spot beam, vector scan, step and repeat lithography system designed for high volume direct patterning on wafers, and is capable of writing minimum line widths of 8nm. 2-inch to 200mm wafers can be accommodated, as well as parts and pieces. An autoloader allows continuous unattended operation of up to 10 cassettes under vacuum.

Nanoimprint Lithography (NIL) of sub 10nm lines onto wafer masks

As a cost-effective, next-generation research and development tool, the new JBX-6300FS excels at nanoimprint lithography (NIL), a method of fabricating next-generation nanometer scale patterns onto 65mm photomask templates and finally creating the high resolution patterns directly on wafers through a 1X nanoimprint process.

“NIL is of especial interest for researchers who are characterizing the new 45 nanometer node,” says Zane Marek, JEOL Semiconductor Equipment Product Manager. “The ultrahigh resolution of the JBX-6300FS makes it capable of writing sub-ten nanometer linewidths onto photomasks. This will be a powerful development tool for not just the next generation, but the next several generations -- certainly through the 22nm node.”

Direct write on wafers

JEOL’s JBX Gaussian Beam products allow chip manufacturers to research and develop their processes into the next several nodes. While optical lithography is still the de-facto standard, e-beam lithography of critical layers or “mix and match” lithography allow customers to pursue their next generation without the associated cost of a next generation optical lithography tool.

Advanced E-Beam Lithography Tools

JEOL has the widest range of e-beam lithography tools available, including the JBX-3040 high volume mask production system of choice for major mask houses worldwide.

The new JBX-6300FS is a high-performance, flexible tool for both direct write and photomask development. It is one of two systems that JEOL offers for this application. The JBX-9300FS is a high volume direct write e-beam lithography tool designed for patterning wafers up to 300mm in diameter.

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