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  • July 2018 July 2018 2018
    JEOL Image Contest 2018; What's New for M&M 2018? See us in Baltimore!; Publications and Microscopy News; Smart-Flexible-Powerful SEM with Exceptional Fidelity at Any kV
  • June 2018 June 2018 2018
    Grand Opening! UC Irvine Materials Research Institute (IMRI) - JEOL Center for Nanoscale Solutions - 1st Int'l Symposium on Advanced Microscopy & Spectroscopy (ISAMS); JEOL Image Contest 2018; What's New for M&M 2018? See us in Baltimore!; Announcing the Selfie Contest Winners!
  • April 2018 April 2018 2018
    Grand Opening of UC Irvine Materials Research Institute (IMRI) to Spotlight JEOL Center for Nanoscale Solutions; JEOL Image Contest 2018; Featured REALab: Howard Hughes Medical Institute – Electron Microscopist Lita Duraine; New IT200 - Seamless Navigation, High Throughput SEM; Send us Your Selfie - Final Call!
  • February 2018 February 2018 2018
    Grand Prize Winners - JEOL Image Contest 2017; Some Thoughts on Low kV; Geoscience Studies at LSU – The Pet Rock Project and Course-Embedded Research; Send us Your Selfie!
  • December 2017 December 2017 2017
    JEOL 2017 Image Contest - December; Development of a New FE-SEM with Unprecedented Performance and Usability; Many More Bacteria Have Electrically Conducting Filaments; “Carboranyl-cysteine”—Synthesis, Structure and Self-Assembly Behavior of a Novel α -Amino Acid; Customer and Engineer Training at JEOL
  • November 2017 November 2017 2017
    Next-Generation Atomic Resolution TEM; Cryo-EM: Unveiling Protein Functions from their Structures; Lithium Ion Batteries; MALDI Imaging; Cholesterol Crystals and Heart Attacks; Engineer Training at JEOL
  • September 2017 September 2017 2017
    Spotlight: Dr. George Abela's Research at MSU Reveals Impact of Cholesterol Crystals on Heart Attacks; Data from New CryoARM Shows Unprecedented Resolution; MALDI Imaging
  • July 2017 July 2017 2017
    What's New in Industry-Leading TEM from JEOL - NEOARM, JEM-F200 "F2", JEM-1400Flash; Recent Publications and Microscopy News
  • May 2017 May 2017 2017
    New Cryo-EM for Single Particle Analysis and Electron Tomography; In the Lab: Soft X-ray Emission Spectrometer (SXES); Meet the New IT500 SEM; Recent Publications and Microscopy News; JEOL Introduces World's Fastest Direct Write E-Beam Tool
  • March 2017 March 2017 2017
    NEW IT300HR - We've Just Changed the Rules of the Game!; Research Team Reports Surprising Phase Transition Results in Advanced Materials; Recent Publications
  • January 2017 January 2017 2017
    Auger - EPMA - what's in a probe?; Recent Publications; 2017 New Year Finance Special
  • December 2016 December 2016 2016
    2017 Calendar; JEOL Image Contest Winners 2016
  • October 2016 October 2016 2016
    Failure Analysis with the SEM; Tech Note: STEM-in-SEM; UT Dallas Engineers Characterize a Novel Transistor

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January 2016

In this issue:

  • 2016 Marks 50-Year Anniversary for JEOL SEM
  • Wrapping Up 2015 Image Contest Results
  • New to our TEM Product Lineup: Workhorse 200kV TEM with Cold FEG
  • Technical Note: Quantitative Hyperspectral X-ray Map (QMap)
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