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JXA-8530F HyperProbe Electron Probe Microanalyzer (EPMA)

JXA-8530FJEOL revolutionized surface analysis with an EPMA featuring a field emission (FE) electron gun. We are now proud to present the new generation of FE-EPMA, the HyperProbe.

The JXA-8530F operates on PC Windows for data acquisition and analysis. User-friendly PC-based operation facilitates quick and easy analyses at the highest magnifications.

At low kV (5-7kV) with WDS (wavelength dispersive X-ray spectrometer), integrated EDS, high probe current, and small probe diameter, the JXA-8530F is capable of extreme elemental analysis of sub-micron areas (approaching 100nm).

High Spatial Resolution in X-ray Mapping

The FE electron gun produces an extremely small spot size at low accelerating voltage even with high probe currents (40nm at 10na and 10kV, 100nm at 100na and 10kV), allowing for WDS analyses with high X-ray spatial resolution. The microprobe is only 1/5 to 1/10 the size of that produced in a thermionic-emission electron gun in conventional EPMA with tungesten filament or LaB6 tip.

Customized and Detailed Analysis

The HyperProbe user can acquire qualitative WDS spectra and semi-quantitative analyses simply by clicking a point on a secondary electron or backscattered electron image. Detailed analytical procedures can be tailored to research objectives through preset recipes.

A combined WDS and EDS system provides a powerful tool for efficient data acquisition of quantitative analyses, high magnification beam scan mapping, and large area stage scan mapping.

Analytical advantages of the JXA-8530F include:

  • 3nm secondary electron resolution
  • New large crystal spectrometers for higher detection sensitivity for trace elements and increased count rate without sacrificing energy resolution and P/B ratio
  • Fan-free SDD x-ray detectors for high throughput
  • Higher accuracy of quantitative analysis
  • Higher resolving power (resolution) for adjacent X-rays
  • Higher sensitivity for light elements trace analysis
  • Dual TMP pumping system for clean sample environment

Watch the YouTube Video of Microprobe Installation at FSU

For information about xCLent, a combined X-ray/CL acquisition technique and system to enhance microprobe analysis, see here.

For a bibliography of papers and proceedings published on JEOL EPMA instruments and capabilities, please contact us.

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