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How to Decipher an SEM-EDS Spectrum

The SEM-EDS spectrum will help you to learn about the elements that are in your materials. Find out how to interpret this spectrum in our article.

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How to Carry Out Particle Analysis with Benchtop SEM

Benchtop SEM is used in industry and academia to characterize nanosized particles’ morphological, topographical, and chemical characteristics.

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How Benchtop SEM can Benefit Energy Storage Applications

Benchtop SEM is a key analytical tool in investigating materials' batteries, fuel cells, supercapacitors, electrolyzers and heterogeneous catalysts.

Elemental Analysis with Electron Microscopes

Electron Microscopy Excels at Elemental Analysis

Discover how SEM and TEM microscopes are analytical tools that use Energy Dispersive X-ray detectors (EDS or EDX) and SXES for elemental analysis down to Lithium.

NMR Analysis of Lithium Ion Batteries

NMR Analysis of Lithium Ion Batteries

The search for new battery materials, alongside the drive to improve performance, and lower the cost of existing and new batteries, comes with its challenges.

Designing Better Batteries through Innovative Microscopy Characterization and Analysis

Designing Better Batteries through Innovative Microscopy Characterization and Analysis

Learn more about JEOL's air-isolated workflow, pristine sample preparation of sensitive samples, and high-resolution imaging and analysis solutions.


What Analyzers are Used for Polymer Identification?

There are a wide variety of analyzers available to use in a polymer identification test. Find out which tool would best suit your material research here.

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Using Cryo-EM for Drug Discovery

With its high-resolution imaging capabilities and ability to preserve cells and molecules for study, cryo-EM is perfect for drug discovery. Find out more now!

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Visualizing Elements Distributions with SEM-EDS Mapping

SEM-EDS mapping can help to analyze element distributions within various materials. Find out how this reliable method is utilized in our latest article!

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