Why Polymer Identification Matters

Advanced polymer identification has deepened our understanding of these essential materials. Let's explore that importance in more depth.


What Analyzers are Used for Polymer Identification?

There are a wide variety of analyzers available to use in a polymer identification test. Find out which tool would best suit your material research here.

High resolution backscattered electron image and corresponding EDS overlay map of a tungsten plug area

Why Use SEM-EDS for Advanced Materials Analysis?

Explore the pivotal role of SEM-EDS in advanced materials analysis, its applications, advantages, and future prospects in this informative technical article.

Process Flow of AMS7032 Operational Qualification (OQ) Testing

AMS7032: Understanding Aerospace Industry Standards in the Age of Metal Additive Manufacturing

Metal additive manufacturing is one of the biggest disruptors of the manufacturing industry in the 21st Century, necessitating regulation. Learn about achieving compliance with the AMS7032 operational qualification for the JAM-5200EBM.

Advantages of Benchtop Scanning Electron Microscopy

Pharmaceutical Imaging and Analysis: Advantages of Benchtop Scanning Electron Microscopy vs. Optical Microscopy

NeoScope benchtop SEM plays a pivotal role in pharmaceutical design and manufacture

Focus on MXenes, Materials, and Scanning Electron Microscopy

Focus on MXenes, Materials, and Scanning Electron Microscopy

MXenes are a new family of 2D crystalline nanomaterials explored for energy applications using SEM microscopy

An SEM User’s Guide to Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy

An SEM User’s Guide to Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy

Explore JEOL's Gather-X Windowless EDS: a breakthrough in SEM-EDS technology for unprecedented sensitivity and spatial resolution in elemental analysis.


Optimizing NMR Processing: Techniques and Best Practices

Explore techniques and best practices for optimizing NMR processing, from chemical shift referencing to using advanced data processing software.

ECZL-500 with Console.jpg

How Does a Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer Unveil Molecular Structures?

Want to learn how a nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer is used to enhance molecular structure studies? JEOL explains all in this blog post.

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