JEOL USA Press Releases

JEOL USA Press Releases


JEOL USA Press Releases

JEOL Marks 60th Anniversary at Pittcon 2009

Peabody, Mass., March 5, 2009 -- JEOL, renowned for its role in the development and manufacture of advanced electron microscopy and spectroscopy products since 1949, kicks off its 60th anniversary celebration at Pittcon (Chicago, March 8-13, 2009), the premier conference and exposition on laboratory sciences.

Pittcon, also celebrating its 60th anniversary, is known for being the exhibition where companies debut their latest products and technology. JEOL USA will introduce new microscopy and spectrometry instrumentation, as well as spotlight the company’s advances in NMR. Additionally, JEOL will present new topics on NMR and TEM during the invited symposia, The State-of-the-Art Technologies from Japan I and II, held during the Pittcon 2009 Symposium week on March 10th.

Instrumentation for Advancing Scientific Research

Scientists pushing the frontiers of discovery in nanotechnology and the life sciences have been turning to JEOL since the first JEOL Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) was introduced in 1949. An entirely new generation of TEM enables atom-by-atom analysis of manmade and biological materials, cryo-microscopy, and 3D tomography. JEOL’s advances in sample preparation tools and ultrahigh resolution Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) imaging have helped industry to develop more absorbent paper, tougher coating materials, and better interfaces. JEOL photolithography tools are writing linewidths as small as 8 nanometers for semiconductor applications. JEOL’s patented direct analysis in real time (DART™) ion source has revolutionized mass spectrometry for homeland security and forensics as well as synthetics and other chemical products.

Industry-leading Imaging Resolution

At Pittcon 2009, JEOL will introduce a new atomic resolution analytical microscope that establishes a new benchmark. A new family of Scanning Electron Microscopes includes a new thermal field emission SEM that combines high speed analysis with ultrahigh resolution imaging at 1,000,000X magnification. The powerful imaging capability of the SEM is now available in a benchtop model, an economical bridge from the optical microscope to the high depth of field of the electron microscope.

More than 50 Years of Expertise in Analytical Spectrometry

JEOL introduced its first Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectrometer in 1956, and has contributed to the advancement of this highly specialized technology with an industry-leading, cyber-enabled software platform, automatic sample exchange, and flexibility for routine classroom operation to running the most demanding multi-dimensional NMR experiments. The company has revolutionized mass spectrometry with the introduction of a direct analysis technique that bypasses traditional sample preparation and performs exact mass analysis with confidence.

Widest Ranges of Imaging and Analysis Products

JEOL offers the widest range of imaging and analysis products to choose from, including TEM, SEM, surface analysis, e-beam lithography, wafer inspection systems, high resolution mass spectrometers, and NMR for routine and advanced spectroscopy. Renowned for service and support, JEOL USA has been awarded the Omega Award for service for seven consecutive years.

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