JEOL USA Press Releases

JEOL USA Press Releases


JEOL USA Press Releases

PITTCON, Chicago, Ill.—JEOL USA, renowned for its expertise as a leading supplier of electron microscopes for research and industrial problem solving, and the College of Microscopy, the education division of The McCrone Group, are proud to announce an increased partnership and joint commitment to improving the study of microscopy.

JEOL USA will provide a new JSM-6610LV low vacuum high-performance Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) to the College of Microscopy for use in basic and advanced training in electron microscopy. Additionally, a JEOL staff scientist will teach existing SEM courses at the College of Microscopy, help develop specialized classes specifically utilizing the JSM-6610LV and work with McCrone scientists to develop new applications for six JEOL instruments already onsite.

Expanding the partnership

The McCrone Group’s analytical division, McCrone Associates, has used JEOL instruments to solve materials characterization and identification problems for government and industrial customers worldwide in industries ranging from forensics to pharmaceuticals to packaging for over 35 years. Today’s generation of electron microscopes deliver extremely high resolution for nanotechnology research and unprecedented quality for imaging fine surface details, analyzing biological and fabricated samples at the atomic level, and seeing microscopic details as they really are, magnified hundreds of thousands of times.

McCrone Associates currently houses six JEOL instruments in its laboratories: three scanning electron microscopes, two electron microprobes, and one transmission electron microscope. The JSM-6610LV is the first JEOL instrument at McCrone devoted specifically to educating students at the College of Microscopy; it provides for fast characterization and high resolution imaging of a wide variety of samples.

JEOL instruments in the classroom

Internationally known for its state-of-the-art laboratories and work in small-particle identification and analysis, the College of Microscopy provides highly specialized training and continuing education for scientists, crime lab personnel, researchers, educators and technicians from around the world. Now, the College will incorporate its JEOL JSM-6610LV into existing scanning electron courses, offering students from a wide variety of fields state-of-the-art instrumentation to improve their understanding of particle analysis.

“We plan to use the new SEM to expand and maximize our hands-on versus classroom ratio for each student. This new instrument will complement our existing curriculum and improve our ability to equip students with the latest knowledge and techniques,” said Donald A. Brooks, President & CEO of The McCrone Group, Inc.

This fall, the College of Microscopy is also partnering with Concordia University, Chicago to offer one of the nation’s first degree programs in Applied Microscopy. After three years of traditional study, students will complete a 1-year practicum at the College’s 40,000-square-foot learning center in Westmont, IL, where they will also have access to the JSM-6610LV provided by JEOL.

“We’re very proud to be part of The College of Microscopy’s learning center, and look forward to supporting the new Concordia University degree program in microscopy as well as continuing to help advance applications expertise and scientific discoveries at The McCrone Group,” said Robert Santorelli, President and CEO of JEOL.

“JEOL has enjoyed a partnership with The McCrone Group for more than thirty-five years, and it is exciting to be part of this focus on a new generation of microscopists, and to support the College in its continued growth and success,” he added.

“Together with JEOL, it is fair to say that we will be offering an unbeatable combination that provides existing users and future generations of scientists with both the latest advances in scanning electron microscopy and the best hands-on training in the world,” said Brooks.

About the College of Microscopy

The College of Microscopy, the education division of The McCrone Group, Inc. (Westmont, Ill), provides accredited training and education to scientists and students worldwide. Ensuring specialized education from experienced staff scientists from McCrone Associates, The McCrone Group’s analytical division and hands-on training using state-of-the-art microanalytical instrumentation, The College of Microscopy is dedicated to advancing knowledge and understanding of light and electron microscopy for materials analysis.

Completed in 2006, the College of Microscopy’s 40,000-square foot learning center in Westmont, Ill., offers state-of-the-art microscopes and analytical equipment, modern classrooms and labs, and many other amenities. For more information, visit

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