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JEOL USA Press Releases

New JEOL Stage Navigation System for SEM and EPMA

May 31, 2011 (Peabody, MA) -- JEOL offers a new point-and-shoot navigation system that makes finding precise locations on a sample both fast and easy for SEM and EPMA users. The Stage Navigation System combines Stage Navigation Software with an externally-mounted 3 Megapixel CMOS color digital Stage Navigation Camera that functions as a low magnification optical microscope. The external camera eliminates the need for a dedicated port on the electron column. The user simply records an image of the sample, sends the image to the SEM, places the sample on the sample stage, then clicks on the recorded image to specify the area of interest. The software automatically positions the stage with pixel-precision to the exact area of the sample to be examined.

SNS Software
The JEOL Stage Navigation Software, optional with any new generation JEOL tungsten, LaB6, or field emission SEM and EPMA system, makes it easy to select a precise area of a sample to image at high magnifications. It can be used in conjunction with a CCD camera, or with the standalone SNS Camera.

SNS Camera
The externally-mounted SNS camera is secured on a camera base and can be located anywhere convenient to the lab. The docking stand simulates the JSM-6XX0 series and FEG Series stage and is dovetail holder-compatible. The camera features 3, 4. 5, and 6" selectable fields of view and uses a high frequency variable light source. A transmitted polarized illuminator for geological samples is also available. The camera functions between any combination of JEOL SEMs and EPMA systems with licensed software.

For more information and a video explaining operation, visit:

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