Next Level of Analytical Intelligence in FE-SEM

The JSM-F100 Field Emission SEM is a highly versatile, easy-to-use field emission SEM that offers the next level of analytical intelligence in FE-SEM for high spatial resolution imaging and analysis at nanoscale. 


With one-click integration of optical imaging, SEM imaging, and EDS Live Analysis the F100 dramatically improves throughput. The new NeoEngine electron beam control system and advanced autofunctions provide fast transitions between high resolution imaging and high current analyses, without sacrificing performance. Live EDS analysis  allows direct monitoring of specimen chemical composition during imaging; furthermore, the user can collect both EDS data (mapping, linescan or point analysis) and images within the F100 user interface.

For fast and simple report generation, JEOL’s SmileView Lab automatically links imaging and analysis results.  

High Spatial Resolution

By combining large beam currents with a small probe size at ANY accelerating voltage, the JEOL JSM-F100 dramatically increases analytical resolution to the nanometer scale. It is an ideal platform for imaging and analysis of non-conductive samples and for enhanced high resolution imaging of nanostructures, specimen surface details, biological specimens, and magnetic samples.

The JSM-F100/LV is equipped with a large specimen chamber that accommodates a wide variety of detectors simultaneously, including: multiple EDS, WDS, STEM, BSE, and CL. A new Soft X-ray Emission Spectrometer allows efficient and parallel collection of very low-energy X-rays whileproviding unprecedented chemical state analysis.

JSM-F100 Details

  • NeoEngine – intelligent automated electron beam control
  • Advanced auto functions including beam alignment, focus, and stigmation
  • New customizable GUI perfect for both novice to advanced users
  • Through-the-lens detectors with energy filter
  • In-lens field emission gun
  • Aperture Angle Control Lens (ACL) for superb resolution at any kV or probe current
  • Beam Deceleration (BD) mode reduces effects of lens aberrations at the sample
  • Large specimen chamber with multiple ports
  • Montage images and elemental maps
  • Smile View Lab for data management and report generation
  • Live Analysis with integrated JEOL EDS elemental screening
  • High spatial resolution imaging and analysis of nanostructure

The JSM-F100LV has variable pressure capability which supports operation at low chamber vacuum (from 10 to 300 Pa) for the purpose of imaging and microanalysis of non-conductive samples. The configuration includes a retractable solid state backscattered electron detector. Via software control, both backscatter detector and LV orifice can be retracted without breaking chamber vacuum. This is a JEOL exclusive feature that guarantees unrestricted low magnification imaging and the ability to deliver maximum beam currents in HV operation. 

Low vacuum mode pressure 10 Pa ~ 300 Pa
Orifice and BSE detector
LV BEI standard, LV SED option
Retractable in vacuum

These documents are available by request.

Applications Notes

  • A Note on Magnification
  • Aperture Angle Control Lens
  • Energy Filtered Images
  • Extreme Low Voltage Imaging with JEOL Field Emission
  • Gentle Beam – Improving Low Voltage with Field Emission SEM
  • Low Vacuum Secondary Electron Detector
  • Resolution in SEM with Nanopix
  • STEM-in-SEM
  • Through-the-Lens System – New Approach for Reduction of the Effects of Lens Aberrations
  • Air Isolated Transfer System
  • Electron Flight Simulator
  • Electron Mirror – when sample charging is your friend
  • Low cost STEM
  • Poor Man’s CryoSEM
  • Short WD, Low kV BSE
  • Stereomicroscopy – search for the 3rd dimension
  • Why Use CryoTransfer System for SEM
  • Imaging Graphene

Articles and Papers

  • EBSD Analysis of Materials Utilizing High Temperature Protochips Aduro System in FE-SEM
  • Failure Analysis: the Old and the New
  • SEM Technology Advances Energy Research
  • Shedding New Light on Cathodoluminescence – an LV Perspective
  • Some Thoughts on Low kV Imaging 

These documents are available by request.

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