JEM-2200FS Transmission Electron Microscope

Elemental mapping in flash memory.

Cauloblacter Cb13b1a cells (Phase plate image courtesy of Dr. Elizabeth Wright, Emory University).

Elk fibrils imaged with hole-free phase plate (courtesy of H. Young, J.P. Glaves (biochemistry, University of Alberta), Julie Qian, NINT Electron Microscopy).

3D reconstruction showing Pd particles.

0-loss energy filtered image of a flash memory.

High resolution image of Au particles.

The JEM-2200FS analytical TEM combines a 200kV field emission gun (FEG) and in in-column energy filter (Omega Filter) to produce a high-end, optimally configured TEM for energy filtered imagery and chemical analysis of specimens.

The JEM-2200FS also utilizes a rotation-free image-forming optical system which not only facilitates acquisition of TEM images and diffraction patterns but also produces stable spectra data.