JEM-2200FS Transmission Electron Microscope

Elemental mapping in flash memory.

Cauloblacter Cb13b1a cells (Phase plate image courtesy of Dr. Elizabeth Wright, Emory University).

Elk fibrils imaged with hole-free phase plate (courtesy of H. Young, J.P. Glaves (biochemistry, University of Alberta), Julie Qian, NINT Electron Microscopy).

3D reconstruction showing Pd particles.

0-loss energy filtered image of a flash memory.

High resolution image of Au particles.

The JEM-2200FS analytical TEM combines a 200kV field emission gun (FEG) and in in-column energy filter (Omega Filter) to produce a high-end, optimally configured TEM for energy filtered imagery and chemical analysis of specimens.

The JEM-2200FS also utilizes a rotation-free image-forming optical system which not only facilitates acquisition of TEM images and diffraction patterns but also produces stable spectra data.


Researchers in the UK and Japan have succeeded in tracking dislocations in graphene – a sheet of carbon atoms just one atom thick – with unprecedented resolution using electron microscopy. This article is also described here.

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