JEM-2800 Transmission Electron Microscope

High Throughput, Automated TEM, S/TEM, SEM and Analysis

High sensitivity/high speed EDS.

Critical dimension measurements.

TEM image. Specimen: Au single crystal.

STEM HAADF image. Specimen: Si(110) single crystal.

SE image. Specimen: Au particles.

High Throughput, Automated TEM, S/TEM, SEM and Analysis

The JEM-2800 is a high throughput nano-analysis TEM with automated functions, making it ideal for process and quality control of mass produced semiconductor and materials samples.

This versatile TEM features high resolution imaging in TEM, STEM, and SE modes; ultrasensitive elemental mapping with a large angle Energy Dispersive Spectrometer (EDS); Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy (EELS) for chemical analysis; critical dimension analysis; tomography; and in situ observation of samples.

An all-new design, the JEM-2800 functions without the use of fluorescent screen. It can be operated in a bright room and is clean room compliant.

JEM-2800 Details

Automated and User Friendly

The JEM-2800 has fully automatic functions including adjustment of focus, astigmatism, contrast, brightness, crystal zone axis alignment, and specimen height. Switching between analysis modes is seamless, and quick data collection shortens turnaround time between samples.

An operator navigation system and on-screen operating guide make the JEM-2800 a high throughput, user-friendly TEM for any skill level.

Fast Data Collection

The JEM-2800 achieves both high resolution imaging and high speed analysis. A variety of preset beam data are available to insure optimum settings for the sample or analyzing technique, enhancing the speed and accuracy of analysis.