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Wide Choice of Probes for Different Applications

The ECZ series is suitable for both for liquid and solid samples, and many different probes are available.


The ROYAL probe combines the best performances of a broadband probe for heteronuclear (31P to 109Ag*) measurements and an inverse probe for 1H & 19F measurements. Thus it reduces the need for probe changes and eliminates the need for an additional probe for routine use. The use of the Autotune unit extends the capability to full sequential multinuclear measurements. Perfect tuning and matching for your sample in your choice of solvent at your choice of temperature!

The ROYAL probe covers 1H/19F and a continuous frequency range from 31P to 109Ag*.

*For 400 & 500MHz
*Please contact us for 89Y to 135Ba.

Many solution state probes available

Besides the ROYAL probe, we have a wide range of other probes such as small and large diameter probes, multi-RF channel probes with various frequency combinations, and background free probes for interference free observation of specific nuclei.

NMR Probe Key Features & Applications

Probe Status Connector - Changing probes has never been as easy--or as worry-free--as with JEOL's probe status connector.

Autotuning - With the JEOL AutoTune 5mm NMR Probe and JEOL standard broadband NMR capability, all multi-nuclear spectra from 1H, 19F, 31P to 15N are available under computer control.

Variable Temperature - For above ambient temperature operation, simply set the desired temperature in the software. For below-ambient temperature operation, just two simple connections are required. Running VT analyses does not have to be hard!

Automated No-D NMR - Now there is a fast, easy way for the synthetic organic or process chemist to run NMR experiments without using expensive deuterated solvents. JEOL automates the collection of “No-D” NMR data using the advanced Delta™ automation software and easy selective 1H gradient shimming.

NMR Probe Key Product Features

Probe Type Probe Series Auto-tune Pulsed Field
Tuning Ranges
Normal Geometry TH5, TH3
yes, no
1H, 19F and 31P-15N
13C and 1H, 19F
31P-15N and 1H
15N-103Rh and 1H
Inverse Geometry H5X, H3X
yes, no
1H, 19F and 31P-15N
1H and 13C and 15N

Ultrahigh Sensitivity Autotune Probes using Cryogenic Probe Technology

UltraCOOL & SuperCOOL probes feature significantly improved sensitivity. They reduce thermal noise by cooling of both detection coil and preamplifier.

The UltraCOOL probe achieves more than 4 times the sensitivity of conventional probes, while the SuperCOOL probe achieves double. Measurement times using the UltraCOOL probe are only 1/16 that of a conventional probe. What used to be an overnight measurement can now be achieved in a lunch break!

The SuperCOOL probes reduce measurement times to just 1/4 so many more samples can be measured in a day. Both UltraCOOL and SuperCOOL probes accept 5mm diameter tubes, have a wide temperature range from -40°C to +150°C , and are also suitable for polymeric samples of high viscosity.

liquids probes

solids probes