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Automated "No-D" NMR

Now there is a fast, easy way for the synthetic organic or process chemist to run NMR experiments without using expensive deuterated solvents. JEOL automates the collection of “No-D” NMR data using the advanced Delta™ automation software and easy selective 1H gradient shimming.

With automated No-D NMR, there are no manual adjustments and no mastering of adjustment techniques required. The operator simply selects the experiment button to automatically generate high-quality data.

(based on work by Hoye, T.R. et al Organic Letters Vol. 6, No. 6, 953-6 (2004))

JEOL's Automation Tool customized for No-D NMR

Typical Application Data

Datasheet / 1D and 2D cis-3-hexenylcinnamate data
5/26/2006 1.5 MB
Datasheet / nail polish (neat) before and after
5/26/2006 221.5 KB