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JSM-IT300LV InTouchScope

Versatile Research Grade SEM

With a high resolution of 3.0nm at 30kV and unsurpassed low kV performance, the JSM-IT300LV delivers amazing clarity for imaging the finest structures.

Enhanced User Experience
JEOL SEMs are designed for the ultimate user experience and ease of use. Automated functions and multi-touch screen operation and/or keyboard/mouse and knob control can be tailored to the user's preference. With sample navigation control, the operator can easily locate areas of interest. An embedded CCD camera and 5-axis stage control with asynchronous movement make it possible to image and analyze samples at a wide range of angles and orientations with pinpoint accuracy. Pre-programmed smart settings for common sample types plus the ability to recall conditions from any image on file make it easy to perform repetitive procedures. All JEOL SEMs feature remote live viewing and full remote control from standard web browser.

Large Vacuum Chamber
The large vacuum chamber accommodates large, irregularly-shaped samples as well as multiple samples for high throughput analysis. Samples as large as 300mm in diameter and 80mm in height (tennis shoe, automobile part, or full sized silicon wafer) can be observed while maintaining sample integrity.  Multiple samples can be automatically imaged and characterized, making the SEM ideal for particle analysis. A wide variety of sample holders are available for unique shapes and sizes as well as for inserting multiple samples.

Versatile SEM Platform
A highly customizable tungsten or LaB6 SEM, the JSM-IT300LV features multiple ports for analytical attachments such as: energy dispersive X-ray spectrometer (EDS), electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD), cathodoluminescence detectors (CL), wavelength dispersive X-ray spectrometer (WDS), chamberscopes, heating/cooling sub-stages, etc.

Expanded Pressure Range
The JSM-IT300LV vacuum pressure range extends to 650 Pa - more than twice that of earlier models. In low vacuum mode, this capability enhances SEM imaging versatility for samples that are wet, oily, outgas excessively or are non-conductive without pretreatment.

JSM-IT300LV Details

  • High throughput microanalysis
  • High vacuum to extended pressure
  • Intuitive operation
  • Stage navigation, smart settings, and remote live viewing
  • Multi-touch screen control and/or keyboard with mouse
  • Large specimen chamber with multiple ports