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JSM-IT300LV Versatile Research SEM

Nano Guppy. Panchromatic cathodoluminescence image of a zircon.

Geological thin section, elemental overlay 1 frame, 9.8 seconds

Extended pressure helps slow dehydration & collapse on biological samples. Mildew, untreated (600Pa).

The JSM-IT300LV is the latest addition to JEOL's popular series of tungsten/LaB6 low vacuum SEMs. This all-new design builds upon the award-winning platform of the InTouchScope™ analytical SEM with intuitive touch screen control, and supersedes the widely used high-performance analytical SEM, the JSM-6610LV. 

Throughout the evolution of this popular SEM family, JEOL has continued to enhance features and capabilities to offer the best possible imaging resolution, versatility, and operator interface. With a high resolution of 3.0nm at 30kV and unsurpassed low kV performance, the JSM-IT300LV delivers amazing clarity for imaging the finest structures.

Versatility and high resolution across the magnification range of 5X - 300,000X are the hallmarks of the JEOL tungsten SEM family, and the JSM-IT300LV brings that capability to its highest level of performance today. 

Expanded Pressure Range
The new JSM-IT300LV extends vacuum pressure range to 650 Pa - more than twice that of earlier models. In low vacuum mode, this capability enhances SEM imaging versatility for samples that are wet, oily, outgas excessively or are non-conductive without pretreatment.

Versatile SEM Platform
A highly customizable SEM, the JSM-IT300LV features multiple ports for analytical attachments such as: energy dispersive X-ray spectrometer (EDS), electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD), cathodoluminescence detectors (CL), wavelength dispersive X-ray spectrometer (WDS), chamberscopes, heating/cooling substages etc.

Large Samples
The large vacuum chamber accommodates samples up to 300mm in diameter and 80mm in height. When maintaining sample integrity is important, this feature makes it possible to image samples as large as a tennis shoe, automobile part, or full sized silicon wafer without alteration. A variety of sample holders are available for every type of sample including special requirements.

Enhanced User Experience
JEOL SEMs are designed for the ultimate user experience and ease of use, and now the choice of multi-touch screen operation as well as keyboard/mouse and knob control will suit a wide variety of users. Sample navigation control, an embedded CCD camera, and 5-axis stage control with asynchronous movement make it possible to image and analyze samples at a wide range of angles and orientations with pinpoint accuracy and location.

JSM-IT300LV Details

  • Extended vacuum range to 650 Pa
  • New vacuum design with through the lens pumping
  • Improved electron optics with new features (CF scan, high current mode)
  • Multiple ports - smart analytical geometry
  • Large analytical chamber and specimen stage can support samples as large as 300mm in diameter
  • New intuitive multi-touch software interface 
  • High resolution imaging with tungsten source (LaB6 Option)
  • Mechanically eucentric 5-axis motorized stage with asynchronous movement
  • Navigation from a color image built in
  • Multi-element solid state BSE detector standard on LV models with high sensitivity at low kV or fast scan rates. (LV SE detector Option)
  • Smart settings for common samples (create/store/recall)
  • Multiple Live Imaging (including Picture in Picture and signal mixing) 
  • Video capture built in (AVI format)

Pittcon 2014 Video