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JEM-2100PlusTransmission Electron Microscope

The new JEM-2100Plus TEM is a multi-purpose Transmission Electron Microscope, combining the proven optic system of the original JEM-2100 with an advanced control system for enhanced ease of operation.

Achieving superior performance through intuitive operation, the JEM-2100Plus provides solutions to a wide range of applications from materials science to medical/biological studies.

The advanced control system allows integration of STEM, EDS, and EELS as well as remote operation.

The JEM-2100Plus features a high-stability goniometer stage specifically tuned for high tilt tomographic applications. An x/y piezo stage is an available option.

The JEM-2100Plus has three independent condenser lenses and produces the highest probe current for any given probe size, which allows for improved analytical and diffraction capabilities. The patented JEOL Alpha Selector™ allows a user the selection of a variety of illumination conditions, ranging from full convergent beam to parallel illumination. The standard incorporation of the objective mini lens means that Lorentz microscopy is a standard feature of this microscope. A high contrast aperture is available for any choice of polepiece, allowing high contrast imaging and simultaneous EDS.

The JEM-2100Plus offers a number of pumping options including full dry-pumped/turbo-pumped versions for lab environments that do not allow for oil-based or rotary pumps.

JEM-2100Plus Key Product Features

  Ultrahigh resolution
High resolution
High tilt
High contrast


0.194 nm
0.14 nm

0.23 nm
0.14 nm

0.25 nm
0.14 nm

0.27 nm
0.14 nm

0.31 nm
0.14 nm
Acc. Voltage
Min. step
80,100,120,160,200 kV
50 V
Acc. Voltage
OL Current

Objective Lens
Focal length
Spherical aber.
Chromatic aber.
Min. step
1.9 mm
0.5 mm
1.1 mm
1.0 nm
2.3 mm
1.0 mm
1.4 mm
1.5 nm
2.7 mm
1.4 mm
1.8 mm
1.8 nm
2.8 mm
2.0 mm
2.1 mm
2.0 nm
3.9 mm
3.3 mm
3.0 mm
5.2 nm
Spot Size
TEM mode

EDS mode
NBD mode
CBD mode
20 to 200 nm diameter 1 to 5 µm diameter
0.5 to 25 nm
alpha selector
1.0 to 25 nm
alpha selector
1.5 to 35 nm
alpha selector
2.0 to 45 nm
alpha selector
10 to 500 nm diameter
CB Diffraction
Convergent angle(2-α)
Acceptance angle
1.5 to 20 mrad or more
Mag mode

LOW Mag mode

SA Mag mode
×2000 to 1,500,000 ×1500 to 1,200,000 ×1200 to 1,000,000 ×1000 to 800,000
×50 to 6000 ×50 to 2000
×8000 to 800,000 ×6000 to 600,000 ×5000 to 600,000 ×5000 to 400,000
Camera length
SA diff.

HD diff.
HR diff.*
80 to 2000 mm 100 to 2500 mm 100 to 2500 mm 150 to 3000 mm
4 to 80 m
333 mm
Specimen chamber

Tilting angle
±30° ±35° ±45° ±60°*** ±30°
2 mm (X,Y) 0.2 mm
(Z±0.1 mm)
2 mm (X,Y) 0.4 mm
(Z±0.2 mm)
Acceptance angle
Take-off angle

0.13 sr
0.09 sr
20 °

*    Optional high-resolution diffraction stage required
**  When using highest-tilt specimen holder
*** Optional EDS required

note: configuration must be chosen at time of purchase.