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JEM-3200FSC Transmission Electron Microscope

JEM-3200FSCIdeally suited for imaging low contrast, frozen biological samples, the JEM-3200FSC field emission cryo-TEM is equipped with an in-column Omega-type energy filter spectrometer. The microscope combines excellent analytical performance for elemental mapping and zero-loss imaging with high resolution optics. The 300keV field emission gun produces a bright, coherent electron beam for the most demanding quantitative studies. The JEM-3200FSC features a liquid helium cooled cryogenic stage which allows specimen observation below 25K.

The JEM-3200FSC also features a Piezo-controlled anti-drift stage with side entry access and ±70° tilt. Quick beam select and computer controlled data management and storage are standard features on the JEM-3200FSC.

Other features Include:

  • Lattice resolution 0.20nm at 18K/RT
  • Energy resolution in image 20eV
  • Energy resolution in spectrum 0.9eV
  • Field-emission electron source
  • Magnification 100-1,200,000X
  • Manual specimen exchange

For a bibliography of papers and proceedings published on JEOL CryoTEM instruments and capabilities, please contact us.