JSM-7900F Extreme-Resolution Analytical Field Emission SEM

Graphene is a novel two-dimensional material with superb electrical and mechanical properties that up till recently could only be characterized via aberration corrected TEM.

JSM-7900F allows researchers to observe and even chemically analyze graphene sheets with exceptional resolution at ultra-low voltages.

The JSM-7900F Advantage

  • Easy-to-use intuitive user interface
  • Ultra-low kV imaging down to 10V
  • Through-the-lens detector with energy filter for SE/BSE collection
  • Aberration Correction Lens (ACL) for superb resolution at any kV or probe current
  • Gentle Beam (GBSH) mode reduces effects of lens aberrations at the sample (stage bias up to 5kV)
  • Unique backscatter detector allows image acquisition even at very low kVs with high resolution
  • Large specimen chamber with multiple ports.

Image Alt Text

EDS carbon map of graphene layers on nickle

Image Alt Text

Secondary electron image pf graphene sheets @ 80V

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