JEOL USA Press Releases

JEOL USA Press Releases


JEOL USA Press Releases

JEOL Ltd. (President Gon-emon Kurihara) and JEOL RESONANCE, Inc. (President Takahiro Anai) is pleased to announce a new line of NMR spectrometers, JNM-ECZS series. The JNM-ECZS series is a next generation NMR spectrometer that incorporates ultra-high accuracy RF circuitry utilizing the latest digital high frequency technology. The compact spectrometer design features unprecedented levels of performance and expandability to support the most advanced NMR experiments.


The 43% reduction in size of the JNM-ECZS series compared to previous models simplifies NMR spectrometer placement in modern laboratories. Performance features critical to NMR data collection such as RF phase, frequency, and amplitude control, NMR pulse shape waveform data table size, and digital receiver performance have been improved by several orders of magnitude. These features collectively support the most advanced NMR experiments that combine a wide variety of NMR pulses in complicated NMR pulse sequences.

A complete set of high performance NMR probes are available for the JNM-ECZS spectrometer to support many NMR applications, including a new high sensitivity liquid-nitrogen probe capable of variable temperature experiments from -40 to 150°C. Combined with the new auto sample changers and auto tuning unit announced last year, the JNM-ECZS spectrometer system is capable of fully automated continuous operation from sample measurement to data processing.

JEOL will begin distribution of the JNM-ECZS in September 2014.

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