AccuTOF™ GCx Technology

High-Resolution GC-TOF/MS of Complex Mixtures

Read the Application Note - "A New Method for Pesticide Identification: Fast GC/Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry"

The AccuTOF GCx’s fast spectral acquisition rates and wide dynamic range make it the perfect mass spectrometer system for analyzing fast GC separations of complex mixtures. The chromatogram from a mixture containing 67 different pesticides is shown below.

The total run time for the GC separation was only 6.5 minutes, yet AccuTOF GCx was still able to produce a full-range mass spectrum for every one of the components. The chromatogram inset highlights two peaks with retention times differing by only 0.008 minutes. The mass spectrum for one of these closely eluting components (Tochlofos-methyl) is also shown. The mass spectrum demonstrates both an excellent library match agreement (inset) and that the data obtained are high-resolution, accurate mass measurements. The full Application Note can be accessed by clicking the link at the top of the page. Other Application Notes can be found on the AccuTOF GCx product page.

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