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JIB-4500 MultiBeam SEM-FIB

JIB-4500 MultiBeam SEM-FIBMultiBeam, a new high performance SEM and micro milling FIB, combines the most popular LaB6 electron column in the world with real time milling and monitoring capability. The JIB-4500 MultiBeam delivers high throughput and increased productivity with simultaneous viewing, analysis, and micro milling functions for a variety of applications.


  • Low vacuum operation for imaging non-conductive specimens without coating or alteration
  • A gas injection system for etching and deposition
  • A large stage for up to 76mmΦ samples
  • A multiple port design for all your analytical needs


  • Serial slicing and sampling (S3) for monitoring, slicing, fabrication and reconstructing 3D images
  • Maximum milling current for high throughput
  • Standard airlock system for fast sample loading


  • Provides stable imaging for milling / monitoring over extended periods of time
  • High throughput milling of large areas (max milling current 30 nA)
  • 5-axis eucentric goniometer stage

MultiBeam Features

Also see Applications of Multibeam SEM/FIB Instrumentation in the Integrated Sciences, as seen in Microscopy Today, July, 2009.

JIB-4500 MultiBeam Key Product Features

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Ion Source Ga liquid metal ion source
Resolution 5nm @ at 30kV
Accelerating Voltage 1 to 30kV (in steps)
Magnification 30x (for wide view)
100X to 300,000X
Maximum Beam Current 30nA (at 30kV)


Beam Source LaB6
Resolution 2.5nm @ at 30kV
Accelerating Voltage 0.3 to 30kV (in steps)
Magnification 5X to 300,000X
Maximum Beam Current 1,000nA (at 30kV)
Goniometer Stage X: 76mm
Y: 76mm
Z: 5 to 48mm
Z' for eucentric point adjustment
T: -10° to 90°; R: 360° endless
Vacuum  Pump SIP (x2), TMP/RP (x2)
Standard Features Low vacuum (LV)
Backscatter detector (BEI)
Gas injection unit (1)