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JEM-1400Plus Transmission Electron Microscope

Rabbit retinal connectome volume (350,000 TEM tiles registered into a coherent 16.5 Terabyte data array), courtesy of Marc Lab, University of Utah

Montage of rabbit retina, courtesy of Marc Lab, University of Utah

Si 110, courtesy of Appalachian State University

Siderastrea Sidera (Coral), courtesy of P. Blackwelder University Miami


Retractor Muscle


The JEM-1400Plus is the TEM of choice for those looking for the ultimate in 120kV performance. JEOL has sold more than 2400 of this popular 120kV TEM series.

The JEM-1400Plus features high resolution/high contrast imaging, outstanding S/TEM analytical performance, elemental mapping with the latest large-area SDD detectors, cryomicroscopy, 3D tomography, and montaging. This compact, easy-to-use TEM is suitable for biological, polymer, and materials science applications. 

The JEM-1400 supports optional STEM digital imaging/scanning circuitry with STEM images (BF/DF) on the standard GUI.

JEM-1400Plus Product Details

  • Compact footprint and simplified GUI with multitouch screen for optimal ease of use
  • Optimized for high contrast imaging for biological, low Z, and materials science applications
  • 70º tilt with support for dual axis tomography
  • Automated tomography from multiple points
  • Large scale montaging
  • STEM and large area SDD-EDS available
  • 5-axis Microactive Goniometer, supports cryo holders
  • Remote operation and data viewing for collaboration
  • LaB6 emitter standard

For a bibliography of papers and proceedings published on JEOL CryoTEM instruments and capabilities, please contact us.