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This Solid-state battery Note has been created to provide solutions and reference information for research and development of solid-state batteries evolving from the lithium ion batteries (LIBs).

Field Desorption (FD) is demonstrated as a useful way to obtain mass spectra for many organometallic complexes.

JEOL developed msFineAnalysis as qualitative analysis software for our gas chromatograph time of flight mass spectrometer (GC-TOFMS). We implemented deconvolution detection, variance component analysis, and other features in the software through updates. We have recently developed a new version of the series called msFineAnalysis AI. msFineAnalysis AI is equipped with a structural analysis method using artificial intelligence (AI), called "AI structural analysis." AI structural analysis enables the identification of molecular formulas as well as structural formulas of compounds that are not registered in the NIST 20 library (unknown compounds).

JMS-S3000 SpiralTOF™-plus 2.0 MALDI-TOFMS as a Shared Instrument

Dedicated SIM/SRM data quantitative analysis software for Dioxins.

Boroxine cages are nanometer-sized covalent cage-like molecules that utilize beroxine formation reactions. Such molecular-sized hollow structures can contain other molecules. Encapsulated molecules sometimes change their properties significantly, and various applications using them are being investigated. One of the methods for confirming the synthesis of boroxine cages is mass spectrometry, and MALDI-TOFMS is suitable because it can ionize a wide range of compounds mainly as single-charge ions. The JMS-S3000 SpiralTOF™ achieves a long flight distance of 17 m due to its unique spiral ion trajectory, and can measure low-molecular-weight compounds ionized by the MALDI method with high mass resolution and high mass accuracy. In this report, we report the accurate mass measurement of the boroxine caged 12-mer.

Matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometers (MALDI-TOFMS) is a powerful tool in the analysis of polymers. High-resolution MALDI-TOFMS facilitates the identification of polymer series by the elemental composition of repeating units and end groups, and allows the calculation of the molecular weight distribution of polymers from the ionic intensity distribution. In actual industrial material analysis, mixtures of polymers with different molecular weight disributions and end groups are analyzed.

Phospholipids are one of the major components of egg yolk. In this study, we extracted phospholipids from the egg yolk and tried to analyze their structures with the TOF-TOF option of the JMS-S3000 SpiralTOF.

A comparison of electron ionization and soft ionization methods for GC-MS applications Chemical Ionization (CI) Photoionization (PI) Field Ionization (FI)

In this MSTips, thermal desorption GC/MS measurements of a commercial antibacterial lunch box product are performed and the integrated qualitative analysis results are reported using msFineAnalysis iQ.


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