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JEOL SEM Applications Team Welcomes Ben Muller

Ben Muller joined JEOL's SEM applications team in late September, and in that short time has already taught two classes and assisted several customers with applications support and sample preparation work.  Ben’s expertise in electron microscopy was acquired while studying at University of Oregon for his Master’s Degree in Physical Chemistry. His research focused on polymorphic behavior of crystalline acetaminophen, and thanks to his experience at the Center for Advanced Materials Characterization in Oregon (CAMCOR) - a full service, comprehensive materials characterization center - he learned to use multiple types of microscopes. He has worked at three different pharmaceutical companies where he gained experience characterizing early-stage pharmaceuticals. While using STEM-in-eSEM at Vertex, Ben researched graphene liquid cell encapsulation of nucleic acid therapeutics in lipid nanoparticles [mRNA-LNP].

We are delighted to have Ben join us. Here at JEOL he has quickly absorbed the functions of the JEOL SEMs ranging from the benchtop NeoScope to the high resolution IT500HR.  He says what he likes most is “the versatility of the SEMs and the different tiers of microscope capabilities. The software makes it simpler for new users to understand the fundamentals of the manual functions within an electron microscope. They are gaining a more intimate knowledge of the SEM without just relying on the automation.”

Originally from New Jersey, Ben has made New England his new home and loves exploring and hiking this area. While Bend, Oregon remains his "favorite place on earth," he has already discovered Acadia National Park in Maine and Portland, Maine, just north of our Peabody, Massachusetts headquarters. He is a serious student of Brazilian Jiujitsu and plays classical piano, and he’s intent on learning the Japanese language in anticipation of a future trip to JEOL, Ltd.  Ben is wasting no time in acclimating to his new position at JEOL!

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