Process Flow of AMS7032 Operational Qualification (OQ) Testing

AMS7032: Understanding Aerospace Industry Standards in the Age of Metal Additive Manufacturing

Metal additive manufacturing is one of the biggest disruptors of the manufacturing industry in the 21st Century, necessitating regulation. Learn about achieving compliance with the AMS7032 operational qualification for the JAM-5200EBM.


Can Metal 3D Printing Be Truly Sustainable?

Explore the sustainability of metal 3D-printing, its benefits, and the role of powder reclamation. Dive into JEOL's innovations for a greener manufacturing future.

JEOL JAM-5200 EBM 3D Metal Printer

JEOL Introduces New EBM 3D Metal Printer

Electron Beam Powder Bed Fusion offers distinct advantages versus other additive manufacturing techniques. Learn this and more in our recent webinar introducing our new EBM 3D Metal Printer.


Overcoming Key Challenges In Metal 3D Printing

3D printing provides boundless opportunities for printing metal components, but there are still drawbacks that need to be addressed. Read more.

Which Metals can be 3D Printed?

Which Metals can be 3D Printed?

Several metals can go through the 3D printing process, and each metal provides a range of properties that might make them more suitable than others. Read on.

Additive Manufacturing 3D Metal Printing

What is 3D Metal Printing and How Does it Work?

3D metal printing is a term that is used to cover several processes in which metal objects are produced by technology. Read on for applications and benefits.

JEOL Additive Manufacturing with 3D Printer

JEOL and Additive Manufacturing – why JEOL developed a new 3D Printer

JEOL expertise in electron optics lead to development of e-beam melting 3D metal printer

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