JEOL Introduces New EBM 3D Metal Printer

Electron Beam Powder Bed Fusion offers distinct advantages versus other additive manufacturing techniques. Learn this and more in our recent webinar introducing our new EBM 3D Metal Printer.


The Only Company Applying 70+ Years of Electron Beam Optics Development into Additive Manufacturing Solutions

Established in Tokyo in 1949, JEOL has spent the last 70+ years honing their expertise in electron beam technology. Although the primary use has traditionally been in SEM, TEM, and Lithography machines, in 2014 JEOL began development of our first Electron Beam Melting prototype machine in the additive manufacturing market, leading up to today with our latest machine, the JAM-5200EBM Metal 3D Printer.
Because of our experience with electron beam optics, JEOL’s electron beam manufacturing technology is much more reliable than competitors’ technology which results in higher machine uptime for production. . Additionally, as a key member of Technology Research Association for Future Additive Manufacturing, JEOL scientists worked diligently to develop the JEOL EBM Technology by utilizing existing IP from its electron microscopes and semiconductor photomask production equipment, resulting in a highly effective additive manufacturing machine.

Technical Differences Between EBM and LPBF Additive Technologies

When it comes to metal additive manufacturing, Electron Beam Powder Bed Fusion (EB-PBF) offers competitive advantages compared to Laser Powder Bed Fusion (LPBF)such as a higher power 6kW electron beam, and a beam speed 1000 times faster than a laser. In addition, the EB-PBF Process does not require a heat treatment for stress relief after printing or wire EDM in order to remove parts from the Build Plate, resulting in two less operations needed to complete the parts.
Additionally, compared to laser powder bed fusion, electron beam powder fusion offers better beam penetration through powder layers, which enables thicker powder layers to be melted and larger powder particle sizes can be utilized in the manufacturing process.
The JEOL Powder Recovery System (PRS) removes the sintered powder from the completed build by blasting the finished build with powder and air. The remaining powder can then be recycled and utilized in another build, which offers cost savings to the user.
For specs and more information on the unique features that set the JAM-5200EBM apart from other Metal 3D Printers, check out the recording of the webinar at the bottom of this page.

Unique Features/Benefits of JAM-5200 EBM 3D Metal Printer

The JAM-5200 EBM 3D Metal Printer boasts several unique features, including:
  • An advanced electron beam optics unit, which allows the beam to have a high speed and accuracy along with maintaining a consistent beam spot shape and size throughout the build area,
  • A clean and controlled environment for the electron beam optics unit, with differential evacuation between the optics unit and build chamber to protect the electron source during machine changeovers,
  • And E-Shield for smoke mitigation, preventing backscattered electrons from scattering outside the build area.

Service Support to Maintain Additive Machine Up-time

JEOL has over 180 field service support staff located across the US that can respond to any unexpected performance challenges. Because of our experience in electron beam technology, the JEOL Service Support team is well versed in the technical aspects of maintaining the JAM-5200 EBM Metal 3D Printer. 
The median tenure of our support staff 17.5 years, and customers can first contact from our team within 2 business hours of the support request. In most cases, our field service engineers can be on site within 1-2 business days of the initial request, minimizing machine downtime and ensuring seamless production of your builds.

See for Yourself

We discuss all of this and more in our recent webinar introducing the new JAM-5200EBM Metal 3D Printer. The full recording can be accessed below, check it out!

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