JEOL and Additive Manufacturing – why JEOL developed a new 3D Printer

JEOL expertise in electron optics lead to development of e-beam melting 3D metal printer


JEOL and Additive Manufacturing – why JEOL developed a new 3D Printer

Additive manufacturing is a new and exciting direction for JEOL. We entered the AM market with the idea that we can develop the world's best Electron Beam Melting powder bed fusion solution by using JEOL's electron beam technology.
Many people already know JEOL for its electron microscopes and e-beam lithography systems. JEOL was established in 1949 and has many sales and service locations worldwide.
In 2014, JEOL aligned with twenty-five Japanese manufacturers and universities to form the Technology Research Association for Future Additive Manufacturing (TRAFAM). The goal was to develop and commercialize next-generation AM machines for industrial use. This paved the way for the global product release of our JAM-5200EBM E-beam Metal AM machine in March 2021.
This was a natural evolutionary step for JEOL.
Since the first JEOL electron microscope was developed in 1949, we have greatly advanced electron beam generation and optics. The technology is widely used by scientists and engineers for imaging, metrology, material characterization and nanofabrication in both research and manufacturing.
In 1967, JEOL released the world’s first computer-controlled direct write E-Beam lithography system. This technology is used to write highly-accurate nanoscale patterns on substrates. This is one of the first crucial steps in producing integrated circuits and semiconductor chips.
We are pleased to bring JEOL’s new e-beam melting PBF technology to the growing field of Additive Manufacturing. This new system significantly improves the productivity, quality, and reliability needed in an additive manufacturing machine. Ultimately it produces stronger and lighter parts for aerospace and other industries.
JEOL began this new venture in 2014, and we are now prepared to be an integral part of the additive manufacturing industry with our established production, applications, and service and support capabilities. Our goal is to apply our unique technologies to leading edge, reliable products that empower our customers to fulfill their own objectives and missions.


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