PANIC 2023: Conference Notes & Recorded Symposium

Not able to attend PANIC 2023? Review the highlights of the show and watch our recorded NMR mini symposium!


PANIC 2023 Conference Notes

PANIC (Practical Applications of NMR industry Conference) started out in 2012 as a scientific conference seeking to promote real-world, practical solutions for modern NMR problems. PANIC seeks to address the daily problems that scientists encounter when they apply NMR to wide range of analytical problems.

This year, for their 11th conference to date, scientists from across the world traveled to Nashville, TN, to learn, network, and share their latest discoveries in the field of NMR. Here at JEOL, we were excited to share our new ECZ Luminous series NMR spectrometer and some recent developments in the application of qNMR during our Mini Symposium on Sunday morning.

NMR Mini Symposium

Three speakers presented at the meeting. The first talk, given by Ronald Crouch of JEOL USA, was titled "Strategies to Evaluate Low-Sensitivity Experiments" and explored the use of older but underutilized experiments that are still very valuable, as well as using data that seems to be wrong at first glance.
Our second speaker, Iain Day from JEOL UK, gave an overview of current tools in JASON as well as some of the projects under development in his presentation "qNMR with JASON: The power of SMILEQ".
Lastly, Jessie Ochoa of Genentech summarized some methods and techniques developed and used in a real life industrial setting for quantitative NMR work. in her discussion of “Quantitative NMR of Small Molecule Pharmaceuticals”.
In case you missed it, you can view our NMR Mini Symposium on-demand:
Our new NMR ECZL G series is a flagship model for cutting-edge NMR methods. The footprint of the spectrometer has been reduced to less than 60% of ECZR, while maintaining the expandability needed to support a wide range of applications. It is flexible in terms of expansion, with support for three or more channels, high-power amplifiers, and high-output magnetic field gradients, allowing for future functional expansion even when installed in the minimum configuration. Learn more about the ECZL.




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