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    - Fast Pixelated Detectors: A New Era for STEM
    - Aberration-Corrected Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy of La2CuO4-based Superconducting Interfaces at the Stuttgart Center for Electron Microscopy
    - Technical Development of Electron Cryomicroscopy and Contributions to Life Sciences
    - Electronic State Analysis by Monochromated STEM-EELS
    - Chemical State Analyses by Soft X-ray Emission Spectroscopy
    - X-ray, Electron and NMR Crystallography to Structural Determination of Small Organic Molecules
    - Structural Analysis of Semiconductor Devices by Using STEM/EDS Tomography
    - Comparison of 3D Imaging Methods in Electron Microscopy for Biomaterials
    - Biomarker Analysis in Petroleum Samples Using GC×GC-HRTOFMS with an Ion Source Combining Electron Ionization (EI) and Photo Ionization (PI)
    - Development of the JBX-8100FS Electron Beam Lithography System

JEOL NEWS Magazine (previous issues)

  • Vol. 47 No. 1, July 2012 Vol. 47 No. 1, July 2012
    High Resolution Imaging and Spectroscopy Using CS-corrected TEM with Cold FEG JEM-ARM200F; Strain Measurement by Dark Field Electron Holography with Dual Lens Operation; Adapting a JEM-2100F for Magnetic Imaging by Lorentz TEM; A New WDS Spectrometer for Valence Electron Spectroscopy Based on Electron Microscopy; Electron Microscopic Study and X-ray Probe Microanalysis of the Liver of LEC Rat, an Animal Model of Wilson Disease; Electron Microprobe Study of Otolith: Migratory Behavior and Habitat of Three Major Temperate Species of Eels; Realization of an Innovative Metrological Traceability Using the Quantitative NMR Method; Introduction of New Products;
  • Vol. 46 No. 1, July 2011 Vol. 46 No. 1, July 2011
    Study of Nanoparticles at UTSA: One Year of Using the First JEOL-ARM200F Installed in the USA; Exploring Biological Samples in 3D Beyond Classic Electron Tomography; Application of Scanning Electron Microscope to Dislocation Imaging in Steel; Atmospheric Scanning Electron Microscopy (ASEM) Realizes Direct EM-OM Linkage in Solution: Aqueous Immuno-Cytochemistry; Information Derived from PGSE-NMR - Ion Diffusion Behavior, Molecular Association, Molecular Weight / Composition Correlation of Synthetic Polymers; Development of JEM-2800 High Throughput Electron Microscope; Introduction of New Product JEM-2800 High Throughput Electron Microscope; Introduction of New Product JSM-7800F Thermal Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope;
  • Vol. 45 No. 1, July 2010 Vol. 45 No. 1, July 2010
    Lithium Atom Microscopy at Sub-50pm Resolution by R005; Atomic-Resolution Elemental Mapping by EELS and XEDS in Aberration Corrected STEM; Application of a Helium-Cooled Cryo-Electron Microscope for Single Particle Analysis; Ultrahigh-Resolution STEM Analysis of Complex Compounds; Development and Applications of a Frequency Modulation Atomic Force Microscopy for High-resolution Imaging in Liquids; JEM-2100: Applications in Nanotechnology; Development of JMS-S3000: MALDI-TOF/TOF Utilizing a Spiral Ion Trajectory; Rapid Characterization of Bacteria Using ClairScope™ and SpiralTOF™; Micro Area Analysis with JXA-8530F (FE-EPMA); Analysis of Insulator Samples with AES;
  • Vol. 44 No. 1, July 2009 Vol. 44 No. 1, July 2009
    Congratulatory Message for the 60th Anniversary of JEOL; Congratulations from Arizona State University; Marking Our 60th Anniversary; Aiming for Best Total Solutions; Exit Wavefunction Reconstruction; Single Shot Nanosecond Imaging in the Dynamic TEM; An Appraisal of High Resolution Scanning Electron Microscopy Applied To Porous Materials; Observation of Membrane Proteins Through An Electron Beam; HR-TEM of Carbon Networks - Towards Individual C-C Bond Imaging; Studies on Natural Antioxidant Derivatives: Enhanced Radical-Scavenging and Reduced Prooxidant Activities; Development of Nanoimprint Mold Using JBX-9300FS; Introduction of New Products;
  • Vol. 43 No. 1, July 2008 Vol. 43 No. 1, July 2008
    Interface Studies by Cs-Corrected STEM; Field Emission AES Characterization of Corrosion Products Formed on Copper in Chloride Containing Solutions; Characterization of Coherent Precipitates in Mg-RE(-Zn) (RE: Gd, Y) Alloys by the Combination of HRTEM and HAADF-STEM; Quantitative Electron Microscopy Using Digital Data Processing; Case Study on Failure Analysis by Electron Beam Absorbed Current Method; Featured Article from Recipient of the Ernst Ruska Award 2007: Recent Advances in Transmission Electron Microtomography for Materials Research; Featured Article of Electron Spin Resonance (ESR) Spectroscopy: ESR Study of the Fundamentals of Radical Polymerizations Characteristic Features of JIB-4500 MultiBeam System; High Power Electron Beam Source Used for Melting Metal Materials; Introduction of New Products;