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Direct Write E-Beam Tool Extends JEOL’s Lithography Line

July 10, 2007 (Peabody, Mass.) -- JEOL USA has introduced a new high resolution direct write e-beam lithography system to complement its family of spot beam, vector scan systems and mask production tools. The new JBX-5500FS direct write lithography tool writes patterns at a minimum line width of 10nm at 50kV on up to 100mm substrates. The PC-controlled operating platform features a simple graphical user interface (GUI) for pattern design and machine control. Complete line of ...

JEOL Aims Direct-Write E-Beam System at Academics

JEOL USA (Peabody, Mass.) today announced a direct-write e-beam lithography system targeted at research labs and universities. The JBX-5500FS system is capable of 10 nm resolution at 50 kV on silicon pieces or wafers up to 100 mm.

In-situ JEOL TEM Reveals Distinctive Information at DOE Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

A team of researchers from the Department of Energy's Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Purdue University and Hysitron Inc. in Minneapolis are using special instrumentation with the JEOL 3010 in situ transmission electron microscope to correlate high-resolution load-displacement measurements with individual video frames, showing how nanoscale volumes of aluminum deform under stress from a diamond "nanoindenter".

Nanotech Instruments from JEOL for New Canadian R&D Institute

A new frontier on the head of a pin: Nanotechnology Institute at University of Alberta, Canada will explore new kinds of matter.

JEOL USA Receives Seventh Consecutive Omega Award for Service

May 8, 2007 (Peabody, Mass.) -- For the seventh consecutive year, JEOL USA, Inc., a leader in the manufacture, sales, and service of electron microscopes and analytical instruments, has received the Omega NorthFace Scoreboard Award in recognition for its commitment to providing exemplary service and exceeding customer expectations. “We at JEOL are proud of our continuous and measurable improvement over the years,” said Patrick McGinley, Director of Service. “Supplying excellent service requires a corporate-wide commitment ...

York-JEOL Nanocentre Opens in U.K.

The University of York has taken a significant step into new fields of sub-Angstrom level materials research with the opening of the York JEOL Nanocentre. The interdisciplinary research and teaching centre represents a £5.5 million investment in novel nanoscience capability by the University of York, regional development agency, Yorkshire Forward, the European Union, and by scientific instruments supplier JEOL.

Harvard to Collaborate with JEOL on High Resolution, 3D Brain Imaging

April 26, 2007 (Peabody, Mass.) -- JEOL USA announced today that researchers at Harvard University’s Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology have selected JEOL as a partner in a collaborative effort to map the brain using high resolution SEM images. Harvard biologist Professor Jeff Lichtman, post-doctorate Narayanan (Bobby) Kasthuri, and University of Southern California Research Assistant Kenneth Hayworth plan to use a JEOL scanning electron microscope (SEM) to ultimately produce a 3D image of ...

Pacific Chemistry Professor and Student Discover Breakthrough Testing Method for Pet Food

(Peabody, Mass.) JEOL USA is pleased to announce that the University of the Pacific has released information on the discovery of a breakthrough testing method for identifying foreign substances in pet food. Using the JEOL DART™ Direct Analysis in Real Time mass analysis technique on the AccuTOF-DART™ mass spectrometer, a chemistry professor and graduate student analyzed some of the recalled pet food. “The timeliness of this discovery cannot be overstressed,” said Dr. Robert (Chip) Cody, ...

Indiana University Selects JEOL 300kV TEM for Virus and Nanotechnology Studies

April 10, 2007, Peabody, Mass. -- The acquisition of a new 300 kV field emission Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) from JEOL distinguishes Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana as a major United States research facility where scientists can examine both biological and materials science structures at nanoscale resolution. Acquisition of the new JEOL TEM was completed in February 2007 with an NSF Major Research Instrumentation Grant awarded in parallel with a $1M investment made by the ...

JEOL Technics Ships 10,000th Unit

March 28th, 2007, Peabody, Mass. -- JEOL USA, a leading supplier of scientific instruments in the Americas, is proud to announce that JEOL Technics, one of the company’s design and manufacturing branches in Akashima, Japan, has shipped its 10,000th Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM). Since JEOL, Ltd. was founded in 1949, more than 6,000 JEOL instruments have been installed in the United States, and more than 51,000 worldwide. JEOL USA opened in 1962 as a wholly-owned ...
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