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Items of interest for the JEOL community

Image Contest Spotlight: Cian McKeown, University of Limerick
Cian has submitted 3 images that are all relevant to platinum nanostructures. We thought that the patterns that they form were interesting, so we asked the PhD candidate about his work with platinum.

Imaging a Spider Web with the SEM
A special project for Concord Middle School students

Students Investigate Mechanical Properties of Spider Web
Research Scientists and Middle School Students Join Forces to Investigate Mechanical Properties of Spider Web

Some Thoughts on Low kV Imaging
While it is true that low kV requires a little more effort, the benefits are enormous and worth the effort.

Why is the Sand Purple at Plum Island Beach?
Typical New England beach sand differs in color from light and dark grey to medium tan based on its common mineralogy, but at Plum Island Beach there are swatches of purple sand that appear haphazardly as one walks along the shore.