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How to Decipher an SEM-EDS Spectrum

The SEM-EDS spectrum will help you to learn about the elements that are in your materials. Find out how to interpret this spectrum in our article.

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Visualizing Elements Distributions with SEM-EDS Mapping

SEM-EDS mapping can help to analyze element distributions within various materials. Find out how this reliable method is utilized in our latest article!


Optimizing NMR Processing: Techniques and Best Practices

Explore techniques and best practices for optimizing NMR processing, from chemical shift referencing to using advanced data processing software.

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How Does a Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer Unveil Molecular Structures?

Want to learn how a nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer is used to enhance molecular structure studies? JEOL explains all in this blog post.


Deciphering Complex Chemical Structures with COSY NMR

One of the most widely used two-dimensional (2D) NMR methods is correlated spectroscopy (COSY) NMR.

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How metal 3D printing factors into aerospace design

The aerospace industry, characterized by its relentless pursuit of innovation and efficiency, has embraced 3D metal printing as a transformative technology.


Can Metal 3D Printing Be Truly Sustainable?

Explore the sustainability of metal 3D-printing, its benefits, and the role of powder reclamation. Dive into JEOL's innovations for a greener manufacturing future.

Structure Elucidation Challenges: How Can Advanced Spectroscopy Overcome Them?

When new compounds are made, structure elucidation is an important step in confirming the novelty of the new compound.


Why GC-MS is Ideal for Real-Time Process Gas Analysis

Want to know why GC-MS is used for process gas analysis in analytical chemistry labs? JEOL explain all in this blog post.

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