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Compact, Analytical SEM-EDS: JEOL’s Latest Generation InTouchScope™ JSM-IT200LA

Easy, Accessible SEM

The JSM-IT200LA SEM delivers the ultimate user experience for high through- put imaging and elemental analysis. An embedded color camera simplifies specimen navigation, advanced automation delivers crisp secondary and backscatter images in seconds, and Real-Time (Live) EDS provides instant feedback of the specimen composition for intuitive operation at any experi- ence level. This All-in-One SEM also includes high and low vacuum modes for observation of a wide range of specimen types without compromise. All of this is delivered at a great value.

Upgraded Configuration and Features

Stage Navigation System

  • Two (2) high resolution cameras for specimen navigation.
  • The Stage Navigation System camera captures an image of the specimen mounted on stage. Point and click to the area of interest.
  • A second Chamber Scope camera shows a side view position in relation to detectors and objective lens.

Zeromag for Seamless Transition from Color Image to SEM Image

With Zeromag, the optical image is linked with the SEM image for effortless navigation. Zoom in and automatically transition from the optical image to the live SEM image. Areas analyzed are displayed on the image or holder graphic for an instant map of analysis locations. Additionally, Live Analysis with our fully-embedded EDS (Real-Time EDS) provides an instant view of the element composition.

Embedded EDS with Live Analysis

  • Real-Time display of spectrum and element composition all in the main software interface.
  • Includes large area EDS (60mm2) detector for collection of data on even the most sensitive samples in half the time.
  • SEM and EDS made and supported by JEOL for guaranteed uptime and rapid service and support.


  • Advanced algorithms for gun saturation & alignment, focus, astigmatism adjustment
  • Large-area image and EDS montage
  • EDS spectra and maps from multiple specimens or areas

Intuitive Software Interface

Specimen Exchange Navi - Guided Operation

Guides beginner users with step-by-step operation from sample introduction, condition setting to automatic image formation.

Smile View™ Lab - Data Management

  • Embedded central data management that links the optical image, SEM images and EDS data for easy reporting.

3D-Sight - 3Dimensional Software Images

  • Automatic 3D surface reconstruction enhances the view of complex microstructures.

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