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Environmental Airlock for JSM-IT210 Series SEM

JEOL Environmental Airlock system

The JEOL Environmental Airlock system allows for the simple transfer of reactive specimens to the SEM without being exposed to air. For specimens where any exposure to air or moisture can alter or destroy the structure, this system provides a cost effective and simple method to bring specimens from a glove box directly to the SEM.

Compatible with the Transfer Vessel used with our Cooling Cross Section Polisher™ (CCP), this system enables a full air-isolated workflow from specimen preparation to SEM imaging and analysis.

The Environmental Airlock system fits the Low Vacuum Secondary Electron port on the right side of the SEM chamber and installation is quick with just 4 bolts. The cap removal assembly is integrated with the Airlock and is used to remove/attach the air-tight cap of the Environmental Cell Specimen Holder. Easy manual control of Airlock and Environmental Cell requires no additional software for installation or operation. The dovetail design ensures smooth specimen exchange. The cap removal assembly uses a plunger and threaded screw to remove/attach the cap from the Environmental Cell Specimen Holder.

Key Features

  • Specimen transfer in an inert gas atmosphere (argon gas) ensures specimen integrity from preparation to analysis.
  • Environmental Cell Specimen Holder accepts specimens as large as 32mm in diameter. Fits standard 32mm SEM specimen mounts.
  • Compatible with CCP Transfer Vessel for analyzing pristine cross sections using broad argon ion milling.
  • Easy specimen exchange – Store Exchange Position from SEM software interface for transfer in minutes.


JU2017438    Environmental Airlock for IT210 LVSED Port – CP Compatible
JU2015274    Environmental Cell Specimen Holder
JU2010448    Environmental Cell Specimen Stub – Top Referencing (32mm diameter)

Applicable Models:

JSM-IT210 series, JSM-IT200 series, JSM-IT100 series, JSM-IT6010 series

For additional models, contact your local Sales representative.

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