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JEOL SEM and Remote Viewing-Control

Remote work has grown rapidly over the past decade. Changing social and business trends, advances in technology and necessity have facilitated this growth and this growth is expected to continue. Participation within the scientific community is especially strong and can be seen in a variety of ways such as: educational outreach programs, training, collaboration with teams at different locations, communicating with outside customers and even virtual scientific conferences.

JEOL SEMs are delivered with the capability for remote viewing and remote operation. The SEM computer includes a 2nd ethernet card for connection to your local area network. There is no need for a second support computer. Just connect your JEOL SEM computer to a reliable and fast broadband internet connection and choose the software platform that meets your remote access requirements.

There are a host of software applications to choose from. Some are free and others will have either a one-time fee or are subscription based. Many remote desktop applications, screen sharing applications or video conferencing applications are compatible. When choosing which platform is right for you, consider whether you want to control the SEM remotely or just share the screen. Also consider how many simultaneous remote connections you may need at one time. There are simple peer-to-peer options or the ability to host a webinar type session with many attendees.

Some examples of software applications for remote access, viewing or control include:

Whether bringing SEM into your virtual class room or collaborating with teams across the globe, remote viewing and control of your JEOL SEM is ready.

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