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Relativity – High Frame Rate Imaging With ANY Camera

The IDES Relativity Electrostatic Subframing System multiplies the frame rate of cameras on JEOL TEMs. Microscopes equipped with Relativity achieve exceptional time resolution, data throughput, and advanced automation capabilities. Addition of Relativity allows current JEOL TEM users to forego expensive camera upgrades to their existing systems, instead relying on installation of an electrostatic optics assembly in a wide-angle camera port. These optics rapidly deflect the image data to different regions (subframes) of the camera in a programmable sequence. Each camera readout contains a tiled array of crisp, blur-free subframes. Raw data is automatically analyzed to give a stack of open format images that are loaded back into the camera control software for viewing or further analysis.


The key features of Relativity include:

  • Simple field installation through accessory port
  • Time resolution – transition between subframe regions in less than 100ns
  • Continuous kHz-scale video with subframe rates up to 100kHz
  • Integration with in-situ holders, laser, EDM, other accessories
  • Optics pneumatically retracted when not in use
  • Automated data processing (Acuity Edge analysis server) – segmentation, denoising, drift correction – helps the user get the most of the collected data
  • Advanced control software – seamless transition between measurements with intuitive interface combined with ability to program and design unique experiments

Applicable models: ARM300F/300F2, ARM200F, NEOARM, F200, 2100Plus, 2100F

About IDES
IDES is a JEOL company and the leader in the field of Ultrafast and Dynamic TEM, specializing in pulsed lasers and high-speed electrostatic beam blanking and deflection technologies. IDES products add time resolution to the TEM imaging capabilities enabling new applications and the exploration of the dynamics of specimens across a range of very fast time scales.

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