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Cross Section Polisher (CP) for SEM Sample Preparation

Application Images
Application Images
Wire bond
Application Images
Wire bond EDS analysis
Application Images
Paint EDS analysis
Application Images
Application Images
Oil shale
Application Images
Application Images
AlSiC ceramic

Prepare to be amazed. JEOL’s Cross Section Polisher produces pristine cross sections of samples – hard, soft, or composites – without smearing, crumbling, distorting, or contaminating them in any way. There is no precedent for a cross sectioning instrument of this type for SEM, EPMA, and SAM sample preparation.

The ability to create perfect cross sections of paper, shale, yeast, latex beads, coatings, and wire bonds, or to create a mirrored surface on soft materials such as gold, polymers, ceramics, and glass has greatly enhanced research and analysis for many of our customers.

The CP uses an argon beam to mill cross sections or polish virtually any material that is affixed to the continuously rotating sample holder. The high power optical microscope allows the user to position a sample to within a few microns of the precise cross section position. During milling, the sample is rocked automatically to avoid creating beam striations on the cross sectioned surface. Due to the glancing incidence of the ion beam, argon is not implanted into the sample surface.

Let us show you the remarkable capabilities of this sample preparation instrument for your own samples.


Cross Section Polisher (CP) Details

  • Clean polished cross section of hard, soft, and composite materials
  • Clean mirrored surface with minimal strain or distortion
  • Wide area cross sections (up to several mm across)
  • Easy touch panel operation


IB-19500 Cross Section Polisher Specifications

Ion Accelerating Voltage 2 to 8 kV
Ion Beam Diameter 500µm or more (full width at half max)
Milling Speed >500 µm/h (8kV)
Typical Specimen Size

11mm (W) x 10mm (L) x 2mm (H) up to 25mm diameter with Rotation Holder

Ion Milling Modes  Fine milling • intermittent milling
Specimen Movement Range X-axis ±10mm; Y-axis ±3mm
Specimen-rotation Angle Adjustment Range
Specimen Milling Swing Angle ±30° • 360° Rotation Optional
Operation Touch panel
Gas Argon (flow rate controlled by mass flow controller)
Pressure Measurement Penning gauge
Main Vacuum Pump Turbomolecular pump
Backing Pump Rotary pump
Dimensions and Weight
Basic Unit
Rotary Pump

545mm (W) x 550mm (D) x 420mm (H), 64 kg
150mm (W) x 427mm (D) x 230mm (H), 16 kg


Cross Sectioning Semiconductors (brochure)

Cross Sectioning Shale and Solar Thin Films (brochure)

Cross Sectioning Metals and Coatings (brochure)

Cross Section of Bone
Sample Preparation 9/11/2012 405.9 KB
Cross Sections of Paint
Sample Preparation 9/11/2012 598.7 KB
Earth and Planetary Materials
Sample Preparation 9/11/2012 431.3 KB
Energy Related Materials
Sample Preparation 9/11/2012 169.4 KB
Ferromagnetic Materials
Sample Preparation 9/11/2012 612.6 KB
Galvalume Coating Analysis
Sample Preparation 9/11/2012 1.8 MB
Integrated Preparation and Imaging Techniques for the Microstructural and Geochemical Characterization of Shale by Scanning Electron Microscopy - AAPG Chapter
Sample Preparation 11/5/2013 2.2 MB
Low Melting Point Materials
Sample Preparation 9/11/2012 2.1 MB
Paper Analysis with CP
Sample Preparation 9/11/2012 592.1 KB
Preparation of Nano Al
Sample Preparation 9/11/2012 701.3 KB
Shale Analysis
Sample Preparation 9/11/2012 10.9 MB

Operation of CP

Animation of rotating sample holder (optional)

Argon Beam Cross Sectioning
Sample Preparation 9/11/2012 334.0 KB
Artifact-free Cross-sections
Sample Preparation 9/11/2012 1.2 MB
Cross Section Polisher Brochure
Sample Preparation 9/11/2012 454.3 KB
Instrument Overview - Microscopy Today
Sample Preparation 9/11/2012 3.8 MB
Introduction of Cross Section Specimen Preparation
Sample Preparation 9/11/2012 383.0 KB
Precise SEM Cross Section Polishing via Argon Beam Milling
Sample Preparation 9/11/2012 3.8 MB