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Wednesday, April 16, 2014
Analytical Inst.
Analytical Inst.
Pittcon Gold

DART wins Pittcon 2005 Gold
DART® wins Pittcon® 2005 Editors' Gold Award for Best New Product

R&D 100

DART wins R&D 100 Award
DART® wins R&D 100 Award

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AccuTOF-DART™ has completely changed the field of mass spectrometry. Now you can immediately determine chemical composition and produce high-resolution, accurate mass spectra by simply placing a sample, in its native form, between the DART ion source and the AccuTOF mass spectrometer inlet. The DART source ionizes almost anything you put in front of it including solutions straight from your synthetic reaction pot, crude extracts, unknown pills or powders, sticky liquids, vapors, TLC plates, and more. Typically no solvents or sample preparation are required.

The AccuTOF DART couples the facile operation of the DART ion source with the high-resolution, accurate mass capability of the AccuTOF time-of-flight mass spectrometer. So not only can you rapidly acquire data for mixtures and complete unknowns without sample carryover, but the resulting spectra yield unambiguous assignments, isotopic ratios and elemental compositions. For even more sampling versatility, the standard configuration also includes an orthogonal electrospray (ESI) source.

The AccuTOF-DART will exponentially improve your MS workflow - it is the only high-performance mass spectrometer system that works as fast as you think.

Learn more about the AccuTOF-DART

How does the AccuTOF DART technology work?

View videos of AccuTOF DART analyses.

Read the comprehensive article - Direct Analysis in Real Time (DART) Mass Spectrometry.

Download the AccuTOF DART brochure.

AccuTOF™ DART® Details

The JEOL AccuTOF-DART SVP provides accurate mass measurements that can be used along with the isotopic information generated in the data to readily determine the elemental composition of unknown analytes. The system also features an Electrospray Ion Source (ESI) for LC-MS, and optional Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionization (APCI), nano-ESI, and micro-ESI sources.

DART Ion Source

The new generation of DART ion source, the DART SVP (simplified voltage and pressure), integrates sample automation with flexibility in set up and positioning of the sample for rapid, repeatable performance. A computer-controlled linear rail can be combined with a variety of sample holders - tweezers, a tablet holder, a plate holder, a tube holder, custom holders - for precise and automated analysis of samples, TLC plates, and sample tips.

Users can select distances between the source and the atmospheric pressure interface (API), and the AccuTOF-DART SVP allows for off-axis analyses of surfaces. The DART SVP conserves gas and uses less energy, and enables the use of low-cost nitrogen gas.

iDART Automation

The AccuTOF-DART with iDART automation takes the guess work out of setup and sets voltage, gas, and pressure for the DART source and simplifies operation with a simple graphical user interface. Using the Apple iPod, the operator selects an ion polarity, temperature, and position for the sample. Once the source reaches the target temperature, the experiment automatically runs through to completion, or the researcher can monitor and change experimental conditions as desired. New users can view a video instruction manual on the iPod with sample experiments that can be replicated. The DART SVP is traditionally operated with a PC, and can be remotely controlled and monitored via a wireless or Ethernet connection.

Direct Analysis in Real Time (DART®) Mass Spectrometry
Direct Analysis of Drugs in Pills and Capsules with No Sample Preparation
Instantaneous Detection of Illicit Drugs on Currency
Instantaneous Detection of the “Date-Rape” Drug -- GHB
Instantaneous Screening for Counterfeit Drugs with No Sample Preparation
Analysis of deoxynivalenol in beer
Analysis of stobilurins in wheat grains using DART-TOFMS
Detection of Lycopene in Tomato Skin
Detection of Oleocanthal in Freshly Pressed Exra-Virgin Olive Oil
Detection of Unstable Compound Released by Chopped Chives
Direct analysis of caffeine in soft drinks and coffee and tea infusions
Distribution of Capsaicin in Chili Peppers
Flavones and Flavor Components in Two Basil Leaf Chemotypes
Instantaneous Detection of Opiates in Single Poppy Seeds
No-prep Analysis of Lipids in Cooking Oils and Detection of Adulterated Olive Oil
1 2
Analysis of Biological Fluids
Chemical Analysis of Fingerprints
Instantaneous Detection of Illicit Drugs on Currency
Instantaneous Detection of the “Date-Rape” Drug -- GHB
Laundry Detective - Identification of a Stain
Detection of Chemical Warfare Agents on Surfaces
Detection of Explosives in Muddy Water
Detection of the Peroxide Explosives TATP and HMTD
Instantaneous Detection of Explosives on Clothing
Rapid Detection and Exact Mass Measurements of Trace Components in an Herbicide
Direct Analysis of Adhesives
Identification of Polymers
Rapid Analysis of Glues, Cements, and Resins
Rapid Analysis of p-Phenylenediamine Antioxidants in Rubber
Chemical Reaction Monitoring
Direct Analysis of Organometallic Compounds
DART Contamination Resistance - Analysis of Compounds in Saturated Salt and Buffer Solutions
Elemental Compositions from Exact Mass Measurements and Accurate Isotopic Abundances
GC-MS with a DART® Ion Source
Identifying “Buried” Information in LC-MS Data

Download the AccuTOF DART Applications Notebook 4th Edition.

Learn how easy it is to apply AccuTOF DART technology to a wide variety of chemical and forensic problems. This fourth edition contains all of our AccuTOF DART Application Notes.

Prefer a hardcopy? Contact us.

Pittcon 2013 Talk on New and Emerging Analytical Technologies in Forensic Science

Presented by Bob Steiner, Drug Chemist at Virginia Department of Forensic Science and Affiliate Assistant Research Professor at Virginia Commonwealth University

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Direct Analysis in Real Time (DART) – A New Ionization Technique
HerbalScience Group LLC uses AccuTOF-DART to Identify Health Benefits of its Elderberry Extract in Multiple Scientific Research Studies
What Is the Opposite of Pandora’s Box - Direct Analysis, Ambient Ionization, and a New Generation of Atmospheric Pressure Ion Sources

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