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Grand Opening for UC Irvine Materials Research Institute and JEOL Center for NanoScale Solutions

(above: IMRI Director Xiaoqing Pan gives opening ceremony speech at UC Irvine Materials Research Institute) (June 22, 2018, Peabody, MA) - When is a Grand Opening truly grand? When the facility and symposium is as impressive as the one at the University of California Irvine Materials Research Institute and the JEOL Center for Nanoscale Solutions. The three-day event kicked off on June 6, 2018 with a welcome from Dr. Xioaqing Pan, Director of the University of California ...
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JEOL Announces New Monochromated ARM200F Addition to Atomic Resolution TEM Family

(May 1, 2018 – Peabody, Mass.) With the next generation Monochromated Transmission Electron Microscope, JEOL, a leader in development of electron microscopes for imaging and analysis, introduces the latest technology for cutting edge research in development of new materials. The JEOL Monochromated ARM200F offers ultrahigh energy resolution EELS analysis of materials at the atomic scale, made possible by the development of a unique Spot-in-Spot-out double Wein filter monochromator. The double Wein filter maintains the spot ...
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Grand Opening of UC Irvine Materials Research Institute (IMRI) to Spotlight JEOL Center for Nanoscale Solutions

GRAND ARM Transmission Electron Microscope - JEOL Center for Nanoscale Solutions at California Irvine Materials Research Institute (IMRI) Renowned Materials Scientists to Present at the 1st International Symposium on Advanced Microscopy and Spectroscopy (ISAMS) April 18, 2018 – Peabody, Mass. ---- World-renowned electron microscopists will join Dr. Xiaoqing Pan, Director of the University of California Irvine Materials Research Institute (IMRI), for the Grand Opening of the JEOL Center for Nanoscale Solutions and a three-day symposium June 6-8, ...
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SCMI Consortium chooses JEOL JEM-Z300FSC CRYO ARM™ 300

The Scottish Cryo-EM consortium has chosen the JEOL JEM-Z300FSC CRYO ARM™ 300 as their preferred automated Cryo Transmission Electron Microscope (Cryo-TEM) for the Scottish Centre for Macromolecular Imaging (SCMI). Further information: JEOL UK press release Also See: CRYO ARM™ 200 Field Emission Cryo-electron Microscope CRYO ARM™ 300 Field Emission Cryo-electron Microscope

New Field Emission Cryo-Electron Microscope JEM-Z200FSC

Tokyo (April 26, 2017) Cryo-electron microscopy has been established as a method to enable observation of cells and biological molecules with no fixation and no staining. Owing to the recent rapid progress of hardware and software, this microscopy technique has become increasingly important as an atomic-scale structural analysis method. In addition, technologies that enable analysis of membrane proteins without crystallization have been developed, resulting in increased use of cryo-electron microscopy for drug discovery. Thus, installation ...

Researchers first to prove ZIKA Virus associated with Microcephaly Used JEOL Transmission Electron Microscopes (TEM) for imaging brain sections

Scientists from the Institute of Microbiology and Immunology and the Institute of Pathology in Ljubljana, Slovenia are the first in the world to publish and prove that the ZIKA virus is associated with Microcephaly (New England Journal of Medicine, February 10, 2016). ZIKV was found in fetal brain tissue on reversetranscriptase–polymerase-chain-reaction (RT-PCR) assay, with consistent findings on electron microscopy. The complete genome of ZIKV was recovered from the fetal brain. Imaging of the ultrathin ...

New JEOL "F2" Versatile S/TEM Offers Advanced Analytical Features

(February 3, 2016 -- Peabody, MA) -- JEOL's most recent addition to its suite of Transmission Electron Microscopes is the versatile JEM-F200, or "F2," the only advanced analytical, high throughput 200kV S/TEM in its class to offer a Cold Field Emission Gun and dual Silicon Drift Detectors. "The combined boost in probe current from the Cold FEG with the dual EDS makes this a fabulous analytical machine," says Dr. Thomas Isabell, Director of the JEOL ...

JEOL Brasil Sponsors LNNano Transmission Electron Microscopy Summer School

August 20, 2015 (Peabody, MA and Sao Paulo, Brazil) --- JEOL BRASIL Instrumentos Científicos Ltda. is proud to sponsor the 6th biannual Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) Summer School being held at the Brazilian Nanotechnology National Laboratory (LNNano), located in the Brazilian Center for Research in Energy and Materials (CNPEM) campus, Campinas - Brazil. The classroom sessions will be scheduled between January 11 and 29, 2016. Candidates may apply until August 31st. 100 participants are ...

JEOL and UC Irvine Partner to Develop Premier Electron Microscopy and Materials Research Center

(January 13, 2015 -- Peabody, Mass.) JEOL USA and the University of California's Irvine Materials Research Institute (IMRI) have entered into a strategic partnership to create a premier electron microscopy and materials science research facility. The IMRI will serve as an interdisciplinary nexus for the study and development of new materials, enabling advances in solar cell, battery, semiconductor, biological science, and medical technologies.  The IMRI is headed by Dr. Xiaoqing Pan, an internationally-recognized researcher ...

Grand ARM Offers Unprecedented 63pm Resolution

JEOL Ltd. (President Gon-emon Kurihara) is pleased to announce the development and start of sales of a new atomic resolution electron microscope, JEM-ARM300F. Product development background Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) has long been a tool essential for micro structure evaluation in the field of materials development. However, as the fine structures of advanced materials are being designed at the nano level or atomic level, the synthetic process for such materials increasingly requires imaging and analysis at higher ...
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